My greatest strength as a writer Is the ability to choose my words carefully. Ever since I was young, my father has filled my head with what seemed Like bizarre words I’ll never use. As the years go by, I find myself using these strange words more often, and eventually they become part of my everyday vocabulary. This combined with my ever-growing mental word bank supplied by the books lye read has allowed for a did selection of words to use in my writing.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m silver- tongued; my ability to string these words together Is nothing extraordinary. However, the general knowledge of various words and their uses has aided my writing greatly. Andrew J Van Kirk Technique of Audio Recording Drum Recording Homework Three Snare Sounds: 1. I really Like the way the snare sounds In Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”. It’s a nice skin to body ratio, the perfect amount of punch and an effective but not excessive aberration. . In contrast to the snare on Kashmir, Queen’s “Death on Two Legs” snare is quick and punctual, with a lot of skin and not a whole lot of body. I’d choose this sound if I were recording something more upbeat and heavy. 3. Keith Moon’s snare sound on “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is a little heavy on the skinniness, with Just a little body coming through. It Is quite similar to the Queen sample; however, It Is a bit punchier.

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I think I’d use this sound If I were recording something with a more laced, classic rock feel. For the Kick Drum: Genesis, The Who, Zeppelin, Uriah Heap, Superstars, Yes, and many more. The only kick drum sounds I liked were from songs by Zeppelin, Floyd, Uriah Heap, and Genesis. I like a bass drum that resonates, and the examples from the other bands Newer too deadened to me.