“Music Television” was introduced on cable television and revolutionized rock marketing. Just as FM radio had superseded the hit-oriented AM format, music videos, produced as mint-movie advertisements for songs, became essential to a performer’s popularity. Early In the decade, the British group the Police was one of the first to combine a progressive sound with polished videos. The expense of producing videos and Mat’s virtual monopoly made It difficult for experimental music to compete with the dance-pop sung by American artists like Michael Jackson, Prince,

Whitney Houston, and Madonna, and the British groups Duran Duran and Depended Mode. Nevertheless, performers such as the Irish group 1-12 and the American group R. E. M. Emerged from their underground roots to enjoy enormous success. Now a few of the new genres of the ass’s. In the early asses, the “new wave” movement, a sub genre of punk rock that began in the ‘ass, was generating a more sophisticated pop sound. In Britain, artists Including bands such as the Clash, Squeeze, and the Police attained both critical and commercial acceptance.

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The Pretenders, another British band established In the late sass, was led by an American-born singer and songwriter, Christie Handed. In the united States, the Los Angels-based band X navigated the transition from punk to new wave, and the New York-based group Talking Heads with a big assist from MET, succeeded In fusing art rock with funk and African rhythms. Which leads me to my next new ass’s genre. In 1979, the album Rapper’s Delight by the American group the Sugar Hill Gang moved rap music (a rhyming, rapidly spoken word form of black dance music)from he clubs of New York City to the national scene.

Rap was assimilated into popular culture through such mainstream artists as the performer M. C. Hammer, the group Run-D. M. C, and rapper-actor Will Smith , the “Fresh Prince” of the duo D. J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. One of the first controversial rap hits was the hip-hop song “The Message” by the rap group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Despite Its controversies, rap was terrible to young white males and was Imitated by many white American groups, Including Blonde and the Beastie Boys; It was combined with hard rock In the music of the Red Hot Chill Peppers and other groups.

By the late asses, rap had replaced rock as the most popular music of social commentary (not something all of us would agree with). Another genre was glam meter better know as hair metal by most originated in the early ass’s. Some of its characteristics are lyrics that focus on sex, drugs and alcohol. Musically speaking, Hair metal songs often featured distorted guitar riffs shred guitar Los, antithetic choruses, hard hitting drumming(usually not musically correct, chuckle.

Many Hair metal performers became infamous for their debauched lifestyles, long, teased hair, and use of make up, gaudy clothing, and accessories. The genre took most of Its Influence from ass’s rock and heavy metal bands, Like KISS, and Alice Cooper. Some of the most popular Hair band songs were Deft Leopard C] Pyromania, Motley Cruel – Shout at the Devil , W. A. S. P. – W. A. S. P. , Rat – Out of the Cellar , Quiet Riot – Metal Health, Docked – Tooth and Nail, Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry. Fashion. Well in the eighties your fashion depended mostly on what kind of music {oh listings to.

Punk, metal, and hard rock fans would wear torn and tattered clothes, Chains, chuck Taylor, patches and anything else to look like there band or favorite artist. This idea is the same for most other artists of the ass’s if they wore it there audience wore it. Music all so gave some fans the excuse to go over the top in every way everything in huge amounts lots of sex, lots of drugs and alcohol. In schools it had affected everything know one wanted to come to school so a lot of them would skip or drop out early.

And many of them developed a very arrogant attitude against the establishment, their parents. This era of music also effected our uncommon. The record industry boomed every one needed the new cruel CD or whatever it may have been. And mat’s rating hit record highs. Also the sale of guitars and other instrument soared to new heights as kids and teens alike wanted to be the next Van Helen or Hendrix Another way music ousted our economy was Merchandise (aka Mercy) if it had a band name or something of the sort on it it was sold out!

Any sort of band stuff was all the rage. In conclusion id like to say the music of the eighties differently had an effect on the Nay people thought acted and dressed. Other than mind control no force had more impact on daily life than music. The ass’s were wild and about having lots of fun, rebellious behavior was Just a norm. And music even put a little money back in uncle cams pocket through merchandise and other gimmicks. So music is a great thing id say.