For example, music has been proven to calm and stable the human mind. It has had the most effect on my blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rates In which It has positively Improved my health. Moreover, It can Improve your health by relieving stress and influencing our emotions to make a miserable mood better. Negatively, It can lead to a bad influence on children and teens and give them negative interpretations from the music they listen to. Music has been my key to enjoy the little things In life, however; It can negatively Influence our minds to do wrong.

In addition, the positive effects of music in my life somewhat reflect the positive effects I’ve found from factual information. Every day for me is usually pretty hectic and I’m always occupied by something. It’s easy for me to find myself stressed out due to all of my responsibilities. When I begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed I often relax In my room and listen to music. Listening to music positively affects my health in which it lowers my stress levels and has certain improvements on my health in regards to my blood pressure.

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Music also benefits my emotions. For instance, when I used to get excited for a basketball game certain songs that I would often listen to would boost that excitement and that feeling grew stronger. Nevertheless, Music is a good way to help me stay focused. Furthermore, there are negatives to every positive side. Just as music has positive effects on the body and mind, It can also have negative effects in those same areas. Depending on the type of music, It can sometimes Influence teens In negative ways through the verses In a song.

Music with lyrics that are racist, violent, sexist, or homophobic can influence young, vulnerable children. I can recollect the time when I had a friend who listened to heavy metal music that caused him to be influenced towards substance abuse and risk-taking behaviors during his adolescence. This made me realize a lot about music and its negative effect on a person’s emotions. In contrast, although music has many neutral effects on most teen experiences by influencing their bad decisions, it doesn’t have that effect on me.

Reason being I have self-control of my instincts. This has allowed me to control what I listen to at a much mature level. For example, I remember I used to listen to music while I’m studying for an exam or trying to type a paper. I often find myself going along to the lyrics of whatever song I’m playing. It 1 OFF great feeling about my exam. Therefore, based on my own experiences Vive found hat music can also have many neutral effects on my life as well.

In conclusion, music affects my life in many different ways, whether it affects my life positively in the same ways it does negatively. Either way there are distinct differences between the ways music affects me. These differences and similarities make music such a significant part of my life. It has made me the person I am today and helped me get through the hard times in life physically and mentally. Music is not Just about the lyrics, beat, and rhythm. It is about the character of the person and No you are when the sound touches your ears.