Once upon a time there were three brothers that lived with their parents in a big house for their first 22 years of their lives. Their names were Peter, a rocker, Ajax, a pretty boy who only wanted to party, wear expensive clothes and drive fast cars and Brian, the big, responsible brother. Only Brian went to college to study and get his degree. Brian was the only one to get a good Job. Peter just preferred to sing in his heavy metal’s band and Ajax preferred to go out to parties, buy designer clothes he couldn’t afford and sleep around.

When was the Pewter’s Birthday, their parents went to buy a guitar-shaped cake as a reprise. Unfortunately, they were hit by a drunk driver and they died In the car accident. So, the 3 “little” boys decided to sell the house, and with the money they went to a lot of parties and clubs. Two months later they came to the realization that they really needed a house. So, with the money that they still had left over, they went to buy materials to build their own. They decided to build their three new homes In the local village. The village was peaceful with nice neighbors, very quiet with large parks and fountains.

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The village was perfect, but with one exception… N the forest next to the village lived a local politician who was incredibly greedy and very harsh with the restrictions and taxes. Peter decided to build a cabin, because he was very lazy. The cabin only took him a week to finish It. When Peter finished his cabin, he started to play his electric guitar, to scream and to shake the head jumping. Meanwhile Ajax decided to build a designer ski cabin (even though it never snowed in their village). Since he too was very lazy, he hired a group of builders to build his house for him.

Two weeks later, the group of builders finished the house, and Ajax darted to celebrate by throwing parties every night In his house. Brian on the other hand wasn’t lazy at all! He started to build his house on the weekends and in his spare time when he wasn’t working. He finished in 3 years. Meanwhile, his brothers visited him in a lot of occasions, telling him “You Brian! Stop working so hard. Come out and party with us! ” But, Brian always said, “No, stupid, a house takes time and effort. Since I am taking my time, my house will be the best! A few weeks later when Brian finished his house, Peter and Ajax had already spent all heir money on parties, food and clothes. So, when the property tax was due, they couldn’t pay it. The local politician visited the Pewter’s house first for the payment. Peter said: “l didn’t have money to pay you, go away and give me a bit of time! ” But the Politician said: “Too bad for you! Pay me or I am going to seize your house! ” Peter was evicted the next day and his house was seized. Demanding the property tax payment. Big brother, Brian showed up Just in the nick of time carrying a large bag full of money and he gave it to the politician.

When the agent grabbed the bag and looked into it, he smiled a big smile and left! Peter and Ajax were totally confused. They asked to their big brother, Brian, “How is possible that you still had all that money? ” Brian replied “because I know that two Mould end up wasting all of the money. So, I took the bulk of the inheritance from our parents and invested it over the past couple of years. The stock market has been performing well and we got lucky. I had a feeling that I would have to bail both of [Our sorry, lazy butts out of a Jam one of these days!

So, Peter and Ajax learned their lesson. They decided to buckled down and go back to school for their degrees. Now, Peter is a music teacher at the local Junior college. Even though he still plays in a heavy metal band, he has a nice savings and 401 k saved for a rainy day. Ajax went back to the school to study to be a fashion designer. He is now well know around the world for his “club inspired” clothing designs. He still parties with the top super models, but does it responsibly and all while giving his big brother, Brian, the credit for his success.