Laptop – meaning and function A laptop is a compact type of personal computer. It is made to be handy and accessible to use. It can be battery operated or can be plugged to the AC outlet. Most businessmen and professionals who are always mobile are using it for their work. Even students now have laptops for their studies. Although it Is compact, it is still equipped with proper speed to do fast computations, analysis, and graphics designing.

As technology grows, laptops are becoming smaller yet still powerful. Topic: Losing a competition What’s wrong about losing a competition? This has been a question being asked by a loser during a competition. In our community, it is common that losers are the one being talked about rather than the winner. The mistake committed by the loser has been the laugh of many gossips. What’s bad of doing a mistake in the competition? People are not perfect. Even if you are the greatest, there are times you will make mistakes. In every competition there is always a winner and a loser.

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However, in our culture, more often the effort performed by the loser Is not appreciated. Topic: Effects of Long Rain Last month, the country experienced a long rain. According to news, this long rain Is due to southwest Monsoon happening In South China Sea. Because of the long rain, it causes floods to many areas In Guenon City. People were stranded and traffic also becomes heavy. I was not able to go home easily coming from school. While staying in the bus for a long time, I noticed many garbage floating and some clogging on the drainage system.

As a result, this garbage causes the heavy flood. When I reach home, consequently, I felt dizzy and found myself having a mild colds. Topic: Similarity and Differences of a twin Kylie and Kyle are identical twins. Since birth, their face is exactly the same. When they were kids, their parents used to wear them similar dress. They study from same grade school to high school. They are kind, loving, and cheerful. Similarly, they both career, they have different path. Kylie is an outgoing and athletic person. She is a tennis player and likes to do outdoor activities with her friends.

In contrast, Kyle is a homebody. She prefers to stay home to study, to cook, and to read books. She sometimes hangs out with friends who are thrilled in doing research. Topic: Enumerate what motivates Tourist to visit Takeaway. Recently, in completion for our tourism project, we went to Takeaway city to conduct a survey. The survey aims to know what motivates the tourist to visit Takeaway. After some surveys and interviews with the local government, local community, and local and foreign tourists, we are able to summarize the reasons of increasing tourism in the city.

Most of the people visit the city because of its cold climate. The cold breeze helps them relax and unwind from the stress of work. Secondly, visitors found the city very accessible and near Metro Manila. They can get there in 2 to 3 hours by private or public vehicles. Takeaway have many parks good for family gatherings and viewing the Tall Volcano. Other than that, there are many outdoor activities to experience like zeppelin, horseback riding, and tall trekking. Lastly, visitors come to learn and study the natural beauty brought about by the Tall eruptions in the past decades.

DESCRIPTION Topic: My Dream House My dream house is an “L” shaped bungalow type. It is surrounded by flowers and has green grass in front. There is a pathway in the middle eight steps away from the main road. When you open the main door, the right side is the living room while the left side is the dining area. The living room has two sofas with a 32 inch flat television n front. The dining area has an elegant circular table with a chandelier on the ceiling for better lighting. In the middle of the house is pathway going to two rooms.

The first one is the Master’s bedroom. The next room is for the kids. The back of the house is a little swimming pool with beautiful garden. CLASSIFICATION Topic: Classifications of Music I listen to am a music lover. I enjoyed music much that it becomes part of my whole day and my whole being. As I grew, I noticed how my moods affects the music I want to hear. I made my own classification based on my mood. When I am happy, I prefer listening to pop rock, and from mild to alternative rock. I feel the enjoyment of natural drumbeats and mild strums of the guitar.

When I am in love, I listen to MOM or Pop hen I am angry, I listen to heavy metal rock where everything is very noisy. I feel like doing heavy drumbeats and shouting vocalist to release the tension. When I am depressed, I settle for biblical and inspirational songs to give me hope and be strong. Don’t prefer a specific type of music. I can blend on every type of music. ANALOGY Topic: Similarity of Quality of Work and Taking care of a baby Doing a quality work is like taking care of a baby. Both needs proper attention and time. If you want your work to be of good quality, you will focus on it and will not hurry doing it.

Regularly, you will monitor your works improvement and check if it’s getting better. Doing quality work will make you happy when your employer smiles and gives you a raise in salary. Just like taking care of a baby, you will focus and not hurry when feeding her, changing her diapers, bathing her, and clothing her. Regularly, you will check her conditions and developments. A little smile from your baby will make you happy and will serve as an inspiration. Topic: Young Love Most of the young boys court a girl because she is beautiful, pretty, and sexy. In other

Norms, they are attracted by physical appearance first rather than the inner characteristics. This can be noticed especially when a girl is new to school and some boys approach her and say that they like her. It’s weird that they even don’t know the girl but can easily show their admiration. In conclusion, physical attraction is the first key for young boys to feel being in loved. On the whole, this scenario is a good way for the teenagers to learn the correct way of loving without being serious at a young COMBINED METHOD Topic: School – definition, description, classification.

A school is a place where many things are studied and learned. It is typecast as the second home. A typical school is made up of many classrooms, playground, admission and guidance office, computer rooms, library, and canteen. A school is classified depending on the level it teaches. A school can be intermediate for toddlers. A school can be elementary for kids starting from grade 1 to grade 6. A school can be secondary school for the young teenagers from 1st year to 4th year. And a school can be a university or college that prepares students for their career Mahout age restrictions.