The Manila Chamber Singers rehearsed prior to the formal presentation to make certain they’ll satisfy the crowd and satisfaction Is an understatement-?it was an amazing performance that will leave an Indelible mark on my Inner artistic self. When the first song was showcased-?our national anthem, I knew right there and then that I got more than what I paid for. I couldn’t remember the last time that the Leapfrogging gave me Goosebumps. They Introduced four spiritual songs and I thought their repertoire was Limited to this genre.

I took notes on vocal dynamics since I encountered It on “Hallelujah”. I also Jotted one particular song-?Comprehensible since for me selling Is hard while singing good Is harder but selling a German song that good? The ensemble never ceases to amaze me. On top of that, they also did some cultural songs from local regions of our country (I. Kerugma from Panky island) I took some videos since I am eager to show my musician friends the Manila Chamber Singers experience. This doesn’t happen every day, so why not capture the moment? It got more entertaining when they did popular ones that even youngsters knew.

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Of all the songs from their set lists, Overdrive and Moonrise belong to my favorites. Overdrive has a cool bass line and Moonrise has a nice chord progression, imagine my Joy when I heard these from them. But the real surprise of the evening was when they did the medley. They got the crowd with all sorts of dancing, acts etc. I thought these type of performers were too conservative, kudos for breaking boundaries and spicing it up.