Music is no stranger to anyone, but have you ever asked someone as to what music is. If not, then try on but be prepared that you would not receive any definite answer from anyone. The dictionary defines music as ‘the art of arranging tones In an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition’. However, In the larger picture, the definition of music varies with culture, people, place or time. Music is sublime and too varied, leaving each individual with a different set of choice.

For some music may be a source of relaxation, while for others it could be the means to et out their internal anguish. Even a person with the least inclination towards melody can recognize a piece of music instantly. With the diversity in the forms of music, here is a classification of some of the different types of music. It’s an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.

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Classical music Is the mall form of music, and refers mainly to the music which revealed In the world before the 20th century. Classical music Is a complex form of music and requires Intensive training and knowledge. Classical music may also refer to the local and folk music of any particular country or region. In the world of Western music, the works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven are defined as classical music. It’s a complex form of music as it requires skills like learning the ragas and ability to coordinate with other musicians. One has to maintain the complex relationship between its emotional flows.

If you wish to learn it, then you have to go through proper training. Folk music Includes both traditional music mirrors the needs, desire, likes, dislikes and life of the local people and the genre that evolved from It during the 20th century folk revival. The term originated In the 19th century but Is often applied to music that is older than that. Certain types of folk music are also called world music. Folk music mostly depicts the struggle for survival and culture of the people. Country music is a genre that has evolved out of folk music. Bob Dylan songs have become anthem for people fighting against social injustice.