Where do they appear in our society? -These symbols are present in society largely throughout the media and entertainment industry. The American dollar bill even has the all Seeing Eye on it. Im familiar with many of the symbols listed above as per my involvement In various metal scenes when I was younger. Particularly Norwegian Black Metal and death metal. These bands frequently adorned occult symbols that many people may not think are significant, rather Just a pendant of some sort.

There are symbols in the news, written on walls by graffiti writers, all throughout religious texts, in books.. Almost anywhere you look you can find something. How are symbols of evil culturally significant? – I think all cultures would view the meaning behind symbols differently based on the way they live. For example, at first glance the swastika brings back negative feelings towards the Nazi’s when really, it is an ancient Hindu symbol for good luck. What are the symbols of evil that show up in the Epic of Galoshes? The first humbly of evil that pops Into my mind is the snake, Humble (the description leads me to believe he was a horrible, dangerous and violent monster. He also tries to be manipulative when It Is his time to die. ) as well the bull sent to plague Rusk. Are the same symbols of evil significant today? – I think the symbols are, in a sense, still significant today. I know that Christians still see serpents as a symbol of evil. Vive also heard people being negatively referred to as ;snakes” meaning that they arena to be trusted, have no good Intentions, etc.

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I hind a lot of dictators and powerful evil people could be seen as Humble. How do we view evil and its symbols differently today than in the past? – I think people are more desensitizing to the symbols of evil today, as they appear almost everywhere. I personally don’t fear any specific symbol of evil – for example Vive got a band t-shirt with a pentagram on it, no one really seems to bat an eye at it, but I’m positive that If It were 60 years ago, I’d have some explaining to do. Activity helped me recognize that to fully understand and appreciate the symbolism Enid a symbol, you should try to gain knowledge regarding the history of it. You should then try to get an understanding of what it Is implicating, where it can be found, and its origins. I for one would then personally look at the symbol, as unbiased as possible, and try to brainstorm and search for the context within it. Afterward, I Mould try to do some independent research and see what other sources have to say about the symbol and see if I was on the right track to fully understanding the symbol.