Walking to the end of the hallway opens his eyes to a wealth of vibrant chaos. As soon as he peeks through the threshold he Immediately notices the open toy box to his left. The lid is open and most of its contents are not inside. On the wall above, hangs a decorative motorcycle wheeling its way over a boys name, “Tactics. ” Just below, in the corner, is a toddler bed outfitted with Buzz Lightener sheets and his favorite blanket. Crowning the bed are the superheroes Thro, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. Perhaps there has been some great conflict to save the earth?

By appearances this seems to be true. Scanning across the room, he sees the bookshelf is awry, books tussled about Its shelves and the floor surrounding It. There also appears to be a princess who shares this room. Maybe it’s Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or the Little Mermaid Ariel? For their images adorn the walls, bedding, and curtains of a little girl. Quickly, he sees hanging above her Disney Princess Castle the name, “Iris Sofia. ” The nightstand next to her bed has a mock makeup/jewelry case, and the drawer is ajar and he can see bows and bracelets to match. It doesn’t take Eng for him to discover the cause of this beautiful discord.

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Amongst costumes, hot wheels, action figures, and microphones, Captain America shields, various other clothing, and the barely visible brown carpet, sits the two most beautiful blonde haired and blue eyed children you could imagine. And almost instantly a father’s discord is transformed into overwhelming Joy, and the disheveled room seems rather unimportant. Chronological I wish that my days started at six a. M. And that I got six to eight hours of sleep each night, but rarely that’s the case. Usually, I’m awakened somewhere between five ND six by one of my two children.

Half conscious I feel the tug of the covers and the weight of them climbing upon me. This Is a Joy without parallel. Sometimes they both come at the same time, but more often than not It’s one followed shortly after by the other. For a few minutes they are docile and then we rapidly proceed into the roles of the tickler and the tickled. By 6:30 we are all out of bed, my wife is in the shower and I’m up, turning on Nick Jar. And starting to make chocolate milk and breakfast. I usually always have to referee between the two while picking out their loathes, locating shoes, and wiping hands and faces.

Don’t forget their allergy medicine and vitamins, because seems Like one of them Is always got the sniffles. By 7:30 we’ve got our coats on and out the door. Iris is off to pre-K and Tactics off to Discovery School. Dawn’s off to work, and I’m off to school. I attend a couple of classes, come home let the dog out, do some homework, and then it’s off to pick up Iris. I come home, ask her about her day, and then we usually play for awhile. I try to squeeze In reading or homework, that way I can spend time with my wife when she and Tactics get home.

FIX dinner, fold clothes, run a bath, read a bedtime story, get all flies by so fast, my wife and I relax, maybe watch a movie that we fall asleep through, and if we are lucky we get to sleep until six. General to Specific There are many types of music whose sound varies greatly that are still considered “rock music. ” Most people today would hardly consider the music of Elvis, daddy Holly, and Chuck Berry as being rock music, but they are. Bands like the tattles, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin are now considered classic rock. Rock music has continually been changing, not always for the best.

Remember the glam rock bands Poison and Motley Cruel? During the sass’s bands like the Smiths, the Cure was part of the rock scene coming over from Britain called “new wave. ” Grunge rock produced the icons Nirvana and Pearl Jam who sound was a lot more stripped down and had a grittier feel. The varying and ever dynamic progression has led to punk rock such bands such as the Sex Pistols, hardcore bands like Weathered, even not specific little Jaunts like memo rock example’s Taking Back Sunday. This genres Nothing the genre go on and on and I suppose always will.

John Denver was even arterially considered by some to rock music by some. I suppose next time someone asks me what type of music I listen to I will be a bit more specific when I tell them, ‘rock music. ” Specific to General Drag cars are some of the fastest and most dangerous cars that are made. They are not driven on our regular streets but on special tracks called drag strips. Most people will never drive a top fueled drag car because the time and cost of building one is rather exorbitant. Select groups of the population are able to afford the high and performance cars such as Ferreira and Lampooning.

These cars are still major assembled by hand and cost well over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. There are also some fairly affordable performance cars out there such as the Corvette Z and Audio TTT who offer better than average speed and handling but at less exclusive price. Car makers have even made horsepower and handling available in widely affordable cars such as the Chevy Camera, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang GET. These cars are relatively inexpensive in comparison with high end cars and are very popular amongst normal daily commuters.

You don’t have to be seeking luxury or restorer to get from one place to another because most all car manufacturers produce one economy car or another. Even brands such as Aka and Handy cater to people seeking a reliable and affordable means of travel. Were the pyramids in Egypt built by human hands? I know that the broad consensus is that teams of Egyptians rallied together to move the huge stones that comprise the elaborate pyramids, but I don’t think that’s very logical. For one reason, today’s top architects and engineers cannot replicate the technology or apparatus necessary to erect such a feat.

Another puzzling fact is how precisely the pyramids re engineered, each corner pointing true N, S, E, and W. Where did this technology disappear to? If evolution is true, then by logical deduction, then even greater feats than these should be occurring today, but they aren’t. What if that technology were not their own? In the book of Genesis chapter 6 talks of fallen angels who descended upon the earth and had sexual relations with women to produce a race of giants called the Oenophile. These humanoids were rumored to be 18 to 30 feet tall. David IS said to have slain one of the remnants of the giants, Goliath with a stone from slingshot.

All across the world huge skulls and bones have been found pointing to the realistic existence of these creatures. It seems improbable that a mass of puny humans could have built these massive structures that have been left behind in Egypt and various other countries. This would have been completely feasible for a race of giants fused with the strength and intellect of fallen angels. I think a more logical explanation that the reason why this technology is no longer with us, is that it Nas never our own to begin with and died with the Oenophile and that humans never Nerve the instigators of the pyramids.