During his career, he revolutionized the sound of rock, and changed it greatly. Hendrix was a major influence in music and with his beliefs. Jim Hendrix was a positive influence on the world, and his music and views continue to inspire many people. Jim Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. Throughout his childhood, his family dealt with financial problems, and he was sometimes put in the care of friends and family.

By the time he was nine, his parents had divorced, and as occasionally sent to live In Vancouver, British Columbia with his grandmother. Around the age of fifteen is when he started to pursue his love of music. His first acoustic guitar was given to him for five dollars, and he immediately began to learn to play by listening to records, and through tips from other players. In 1959, his father bought him his first electric guitar. Hendrix main influences were Elvis Presley, blues music, such as the Muddy Waters and B. B. King.

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Another big Influence came from the western movie “Johnny Guitar” because the main character Is a hero that isn’t carry a gun, but only a guitar. Jim Hendrix has had an obvious contribution to society in music. But many people don’t know that he also contributed by Joining the army. He was assigned to the 1st Airborne Division and was stationed in Kentucky. Unfortunately, after a year, he was discharged because during his twenty-sixth parachute Jump, he broke his ankle. Secondly, and more importantly, his greatest contribution was his advances In music.

He furthered the range of the electric guitar, establishing It as a unique source, ether than amplified guitar, and blended many styles of his voice and his guitar style. Along with other bands during his time, he furthered the development of hard rock, heavy metal, and blues. Hendrix contributions to music can not be overstated, and without a doubt, they still impact many people, more specifically, musicians. Although he was unable to read music, and he was self-taught, he was a music genius. He pioneered the use of effects, Like way-way, phasing, and fuzz tone, which have become part of rock music.

His precision and speed with his guitar, have influenced people to try to aspire to lay half as good as him. All of his contributions have lasted almost thirty years because Jim Hendrix was a major force in music then, and was so powerful, that they have all continued to influence and inspire people. There are really only two areas of the world that Hendrix has Influenced, and that Is Europe, Japan, and the United States. He Minimally had success In Europe, and throughout his career he made fans such as Eric Clayton, members of The Beetles and The Who.

In the United States, his fame came later, although he was already internationally known. Many people have been affected by Hendrix music, and have been influenced to pursue careers, and have become great fans of his. Jim Hendrix has influenced artists in the funk genre of music like The Sisley Brothers and Prince. Also, his Influence In music extends to rap music, and to artists such as Wesley Jean Hendrix, simply in the fact that everyone can relate to music, and he made it easy for everyone to listen and enjoy it. Hendrix made rock music different and unique.

In conclusion, Jim Hendrix has revolutionized the sound of rock music, and mirrored new advances in the music as well. He has influenced people that like completely different types of music other than rock. Not only that, but he made the music because of his love for it and wanted it to be perfect for everyone. He succeeded greatly with that, and even with his untimely and tragic death, to this day, people continue to love his music. Jim Hendrix played the music so that everyone could relate to it, and because of that he is known as one of the greatest and most influential guitarists and music artists of all time.