TASK 6 In the following micrometer (I) analyses for meaning and contrastive relevance, (II) suggest suitable translations in Spanish for the given utterances, Oil) translate the paragraphs. 1 . There was something unreal about sitting In a cafe with a cup of coffee and a cream bun with several small children shouting and screaming to attract the attention of their mothers, who were absorbed In well-thumbed magazines-?and discovering Just how ill Harriet was. 2. Of the many directives gummed to the glass partition, one took the trouble to thank me for not smoking.

I hate that. I mean, Its a bit previous, Isn’t It, don’t you think? I haven’t not smoked yet. 3. Some can be managed using natural therapies, although occasionally It Is necessary to turn to conventional methods. 4. I do not think he would ever hurt me, sir. 5. I’ve Just arrived from the north looking for work. 6. Being responsible for people is likely to carry the greatest stress, and that this is an indirect cause of this illness. 7. There were policemen coming into the canteen and making a noise and laughing too loud. Because a few minutes before they had been out on the streets 8.

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I’m talking about immunities where jobs unfortunately are non-existent and where the majority have little hope or incentive to do anything but drink grog and feel sorry for themselves. 9. Our investigations indicate that this substance was not deliberately administered. 10. During even my earliest weeks at SST Duenna’s, I do not believe I did anything to cause myself embarrassment. 1 1 . Jobless Frank Mason was cleared last night of attempting to kill a man in a street.