We Came as Romans We Came as Romans Is a heavy metal,’punk band trying to spread a positive message about love and life through music. Life is hard; it’s a struggle, and as we grow we experience many events that can lead us down the wrong path. The meaning behind this band Is to love and love one another, don’t let life keep you down, and to move on, growing from our experiences. Their original members are from Troy, Michigan, and were part of a previous band, created before We Came as Romans.

Most heavy bands are about the music, crazy guitar and drum solos and lots of screaming about yards that don’t mean anything. We Came as Romans is all about the lyrics and the spreading of a positive message, music comes second: this Is one thing I really love about this band. This past year of my life has been really hard for me and when I started listening to We Came as Romans I was experiencing an extreme low. Friends helped me get through the hard times, but when they left for college and the military was by myself and all I had was music.

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We Came as Romans helped me with their loving lyrics and got me where I am today. Before We Came as Romans, Sean N. Zelda, David Stephens, Johnny Nabobs, Mark Matt, and Joshua Moore created a band called “This Emergency” in August 2005. Only having a couple of shows in the Detroit area the band parted ways In November of the same year. Zelda left for the university of Michigan and Nabobs left the band for his own reasons. Later in 2006 their close friend joined the band as a vocalist and teamed up with Matt, changing the band’s name to “We Came as Romans. The new members who Joined the band are Eric Choc on drums, Lou Cotton on rhythm guitar, Andrew Glass on bass guitar, Kyle Avon on clean vocals and key board, on the lead attar Joshua Moor, of course, and following with David Stephens on unclean vocals. After getting the rest of the band members up to par, the “Demonstrations” PEP (extended play) came out. YWCA had one tour and wasn’t doing that great. Later in December of 2008 another PEP came out called “Dreams. ” The PEP had four songs: Conditions, Shapes, Intentions, and Dreams. “Short and sweet, but lasting and fulfilling.

We Came As Romans’ new PEP, Dreams is less raw, synthesizer, and catchier. This PEP is only four songs long, but lasts approximately 15 minutes in length. Four out of the five [people] who reviewed the PEP thought it was well written (Sputnik). This PEP started the career for We Came as Romans. There have been two albums and one single released since Dreams: “To Plant a Seed” in November 2009 and “Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be” in September 2011. “To Plant a Seed” had the message of “To love others and to love in general” said by Joshua Moore, one of the mall songwriters.

These positive messages of love and brotherhood set the stage for the band’s overall themes. In their latest album their tone is much darker and describes the challenges of growing up. Both albums had great reviews: 10 out of 10 for lyrics. We Came as Romans’ fans are more than happy with the release of their new album. Now they have toured the country and all around the world, from across America, to all over Europe, Canada, Australia and even Japan. They will be on tour for the next four to five months. 1 OFF positive message to love and care for one another. Just saying the word love may be too general of a term.

Brotherhood (and the idea behind the true meaning of the word) is constantly supported by their message of love. Brotherhood is the comradely of love. “To Plant a Seed” talks a great deal about love and brotherhood. The meaning f brotherhood is essentially any close group of friends that hold each other close and last through thick and thin. Close friends are very important. They can help you get through almost anything and support you in any circumstance. Some may think that they are a Christian band, but, in fact, they are Just a normal band sending a loving message.

It is hard to find a band that is not Christian but sends a positive message. Life has never been easy, and for most people it continually gets tougher. Music is a way for people to connect to what other people are feeling, whether it be depression, happiness, or anything else. We Came as Romans created this band to share their loving message about life and friends. The music comes second after the lyrics but is still a big part of We Came as Romans. The instruments used are a drum set, a bass, two guitars, a keyboard and two singers; one with a deep heavy scream and one with a higher pitch.

Usually on a drum set there is only one mini splash symbol above the regular splash symbol but on Erie’s drum set, he uses 4 to 5 of them for extra sounds. Eric Choc has some great beats, but a generic sound through his use of the double bass pedal to keep along with the rhythm guitar player. The bassist does the same for any other band, keeps the beat and the bass line for the song. One thing that is unique about this band is that they are a heavy metal/punk band but have no crazy guitar solos. The standard tuning for a guitar is E,A,D,G,B,E, the tuning that Lou and Joshua use are drop D and drop C tuning.

Drop D is Just changing the first E string to D tuning but drop C is C, G, C, F, A, D, and this creates a much lower sound than the standard tuning. The guitar playing is mostly power and bar chords and strumming on the open E string. There is some single string playing with scales, hammer ones and pull offs but nothing too eccentric. For the most part both guitars are distorted with some use of clean sounds. Kyle Pantone, one of the vocalists, also plays keyboard in a way that adds a uniqueness to the band. The keyboard is used throughout each album; mostly for intros and breakdowns using synthesizers, xylophone sounds, and light techno beats.

The vocalists go hand in hand with each other. There is David who sings the heavy screaming and Kyle who sings high pitched. Each song has a harmonious balance of screaming and singing. Some songs are telling a story and both of the vocalists seem eke they are talking back to each other, ultimately making the music fantastic. Overall the music has a noshing beat style, with keyboard effects, basic guitar and bass lines, and dual core vocals to wrap it all together. We Came as Romans has constantly plucked the string of positive energy, with powerful and inspiring lyrics. To Plant a Seed” was their first album but also one of their most popular songs. “To Plant a Seed” tells a story about how they have planted a seed for their future and how they grew together into each of their lives. “We’ve planted a seed, an ever growing wonder to a beautiful tree, grow… Each branch outstretched and different from the last… The right ones have grown in to fill in the gaps and all are equal in love and trust, and all are a part of something so much need; strives for the perfect balance to show love and show compassion.

My future started with the first note that I ever played, the first note that was ever sang. ” These are lyrics from “To Plant a Seed. ” As you read, it is a story about how they came to be. ‘Dreams” was another popular song from their second PEP. “This is my deepest dream, this is how I show you my love… Lam here struggling with my brothers, this is the most passion you will ever see… But after all of what’s between, you still chose yourself over me… ‘ know that you are forever my brother, here I struggle with you my brother… He tells me that love endures all things… Beloved let us love one another. Dreams tells a story about brotherhood and all the things that both the band and all friends struggle with, but they are still brothers and are there for each other. “Mis Understanding” is another popular song from their second album that was released before the album was out. Mis Understanding tells a story about how they cannot understand things now, after all the love and compassion they have shown the world. Am I not understanding this now?… This world Eve held so close to my heart is all against me now… Let wears me down, down to my bones, wearing away until I’m nothing…

This world Eve held so close to my heart is now more broken than ever. I tried compassion and to love every other, Eve tried forgiveness and to hold on to my brothers. Look at where it’s left us… Have you ever felt like you did everything right and it still all went wrong… So unsure of everything, I live in the marriage of life and love but was I mistaken all along? ” This happens all the time in life. You do something retreat, and the worst possible thing happens and you are so confused and angry at the world. These are Just some songs that We Came as Romans has to offer and there are plenty more with moving, devoted, and meaningful lyrics.

We Came as Romans inspired me when I was at the worst time in my life. During Christmas of 2010 1 found out that my parents of 32 years were getting divorced and my on and off girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me with one my best friends. They kept this a secret for 7 months. Not only was I torn apart from my parents and my girlfriend, I had to pay for school myself last year and my two closest friends had to eave for college and the military. I was completely stressed and depressed for most of last year. I can look back and see it was the hardest time in my life.

Before my buddy, Peter, left to go back to the Navy he introduced some new bands to me, Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Pravda, and We Came as Romans. My way of feeling better was chain smoking and listening to heavy metal, not the greatest thing but when I started listening to the actual lyrics by We Came as Romans, I fell in love with them. So many of their songs were incorporated into my life and helped me et through one of the hardest times in my life. “To Move on is to GroW’ was a single that was released between their first and second album and it is my favorite song by Nee Came as Romans.

I grew a lot in the past year, after all the experiences I had to deal with by myself. I loved this song so much I recently got my first tattoo saying “To Move on is to Grow. ” I see this is true not only for the experiences for the past year but for more to come. Moving on from anything traumatic in your life makes you grow, sometimes for the better or for worse. I have never felt so connected to a band before. Even if I move on to something new, I’ll know that We Came as Romans was there for me when I needed them most. Bout life’s difficulties and to love everyone. The band was created in 2005 and the original band members are from Troy, Michigan. We Came as Romans had difficulty Nee they first started and lost some members due to college. Joshua Moore, one of the original members who is also the main songwriter, was inspired by love for one another and decided that was going to be the main message to get across. The music comes second to the lyrics for this band. With dual vocals, excellent breakdowns, aboard sound effects, they create a unique sound to their music.