When the cooling water became saturated with undisclosed solids (Like chrome 6), PEG&E discharged some of It Into unlined earthen ponds located at the compressor station. Even more shocking were the amounts of residue left on the soil after PEG&E sprayed contaminated wastewater into the air. After the water dried, soil-containing chrome 6 was free to blow in the wind where it could be inhaled by living things. These cases of many people couldn’t have been unheard and that’s when Erin Brooch came Into the story. Erin became wealthy and a very good lawyer soon after winning the case of Hellene vs. PEG&E. e alleged chromium 6 was the main playing role in the case. Chromium is a member of the heavy metal group of iron, lead, mercury, and arsenic. Chromium 6 as well as lead, mercury and arsenic are very toxic not only to cells but also on the body tissue. Chromium typically bears a charge of +3 or +6 which is a highly- oxidized state for a metallic element. According to the Agency for toxic Substance and Disease Registry , chromium is used in 3 main industrial areas: metallurgy ( manufacture of deferent metals and metal materials), refractory ( heat-resistant applications) and other chemistry applications.

Basically harmonium is used specifically for making stainless steel and other different metal alloys also used in orthopedic joint prosthesis, and used for many other stuff such a tanning leather, wood preservation, chrome plating, also used as an additive to make red, orange, yellow and green chrome paint pigmentation. Chromium-3 can play a good role but not chromium 6 , In which it can be harmful. In the case of Hinkler, PEG&E was not adequately researching nor did It monitor any of the chromium that was being used to help prevent the corrosion of the cooling tower and Its water at the PEG&E compression station located in Hinkler.

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Erin Bronchi and the lawyer decided to go Into a lawsuit to help the sick people of Hinkler caused by this chromium that had spread out through the community. Many of the people of Hinkler town got tumors and cancer and they were dying from this. Also animals were dying from this chromium spread. Erin and the lawyer De wanted PEG&E to pay for all the damages. At first PEG&E wanted to offer a certain amount of money but Erin knew that it wouldn’t be enough to cover the cost for the family’s that had been affected by the chromium. Finally after all the hardwood of Erin bronchi, her work bayed off more than enough.

They won the settlement of 333 million dollars for the contamination of their water. Over 600 residents of Hinkler got a part of the settlement. Other lawsuits have also been made after this one. One particular resident was mad In the fact that not every body that was volt of the chromium got the trial settlement and want their part in it. People were still dying from the chromium effects. Many others are still fighting for the life and need the right help and the money to cover all the medical costs. In the third trial it was on behalf of 140 more residents and a group of other victims from a nearby city named Cattleman.

But many of other residents were denied to take part in the third settlement. The second lawsuit also took place in the year 2000. Mike Dolan and Tom Anton are the lawyers that filed the suit. This second lawsuit included 4 wrongful deaths and 56 plaintiffs. I Just wonder how come no employee of PEG&E have went to prison for all the damages they have done . No money in the world can replace the death of a loved one. More Justice needs to be done than Just awarding the victims with money,considering that the chromium levels were ten times greater than the maximum amount allowed by law.