The musical genre that we chose for our assignment was Grunge, also referred to as The Seattle Sound. 2. What time period does it correspond to? The time period that Grunge corresponds to was the ass’s. Despite many influences on grunge that rooted back to as early as the ass’s, the Grunge explosion was In the early ass’s. Some of the founding bands of Grunge. Such as Soundboards. Nirvana, and Alice In Chains, actually formed in the ass.

Many members of Grunge bands, such as Pearl Jam, also had their own bands in the ass’s through the early ass’s, such as Mother Love Bone and Temple Of The Dog. 3. Did this type of music reflect the culture of society at the time? How? Egg. Has it addressed social issues of injustice (race, gender, wealth, poverty, war, etc. )? Grunge did not reflect the culture of society at the time, because It was Just starting to get noticed. At the time, people were either listening to metal, or disco. MET was actually thinking of doing a 24 hour span of metal music.

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Punk was dying down, and so was New Wave. So people who didn’t care for any of those genres turned to Grunge. Also, Grunge was a totally different fashion than any other genres reflected at the time. 4. Did this type of music Influence the culture of society at the time? How? Yes, it influenced the culture of some society at the time. Grunge influenced those who were looking for a new type of music and a new fashion. Most people who followed Grunge usually followed it because they didn’t care for the other genres out at the time. People started to follow this fashion as Grunge expanded. . Has It Introduced a new type of music to society? Egg. Beginning of rock and roll. Grunge was the introduction of a genre composed of heavily distorted guitars, different song dynamics, and anger in the lyrics. Punk bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols were an influence on many Grunge bands in how they often addressed social issues and opposed society at their concerts. And early Heavy Metal Bands such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin had an influence on the musical style of Grunge. Grunge was the first genre to combine the two. 6.

Has It Influenced a certain generation? How? Egg. Teenagers. Their twenties. Grunge influenced a “slacker” attitude. Most Grunge listeners were indifferent about what others thought about them. This attitude compliments the fashion of the Grunge era, which represents the “slacker” attitude. Also, Grunge sometimes influenced fans to take a stand against society. 7. What are some of the musicians fit into this category of music? Neil Young was often defined as “The Godfather Of Grunge”, but he was more of n influence on what Grunge turned out to be.

The three bands that were the first successful Grunge bands were Soundboards, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. Pearl Jam’s debut album, Ten, (released August 27, 1991) was a major hit in the Grunge era, and also the first successful Grunge album. Nirvana’s second studio album, Nevermore, released on September 24, 1991) was considered by some the best Grunge album ever, making Nirvana an overnight sensation. Soundness’s third studio album, domineering, (released on October 8, 1991) was their first breakthrough album as

Grunge band. Other Grunge bands of the ass’s consisted of Alice In Chains, Stone rumple Pilots, Mudstone, The Melvin, Green River, Screaming Trees, Hole, and Smashing Pumpkins. 3. Fashion and trends of the time that correspond to the musical genre chosen. The Grunge fashion composed of flannel, long hair, Jeans (baggy, ripped or faded), sunglasses and Doc Marten boots. This style resembled the “slacker/indifferent” attitude of Grunge, showing that the people didn’t care about what they wore.

The lour in the clothing were always dark, and their clothing was never composed of ‘happy colors”. People of Grunge represented in their clothing and in their music that they didn’t care about what others thought about them. They embraced the fact that they were outcasts, and that’s why they wore what they wore, and played what they played. They were against wearing what was in style, and what everybody else Nas wearing. Grunge is the first genre to resemble the artists and fans as outcasts No didn’t care about what others thought about them.