Music has been a passion of mine since an early age. I was exposed to all genres of music through family, friends, and searching for more on the Internet. Vive listened to Miles Davis, John Chlorate, Sonny Rollins, Doris Muhammad, listened to my grandfather’s big band and swing music exposed to asses do-hop and grew up listening to ass-ass music. The one genre that spoke to me was the music of metal. Ere loud, fast, and aggressive belligerence of It has always thrilled me.

From the albums I have listened to and the concerts I’ve attended Its always fascinating and UN to partake In a live performance of a metal band. But It’s the culture of metal that needs to be addressed as It has gotten a bad name because of the type of person that has been drawn to this culture and the controlling aspect that the metal masses ant to have of their culture. Many critics of this culture and musicians, alike, have suggested that the culture of metal music is vastly biased to other musical genres.

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Metal music has rooted back to the asses and asses with the first bands being known as heavy metal are Led Zeppelin, Jotter Dull, Deep Purple, among many others. This sumptuous structure of bands have influenced many of the heavy metal bands later to come such as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motherhood, Metallic and generally the whole New Wave of British He;ivy Metal. But one band that became known as the most metal band in all of human existence, Black Sabbath.

I remember the first time I heard of Black Sabbath, I was about eight years old and the song “Iron Man” came on and immediately I was so awakened, Black Sabbath was my first favorite metal band ever. Among most people, Black Sabbath is the creator of heavy teal music. Despite its creation of good music, the band has stirred up controversy among millions of Christians and parents with its occultist themes, horror-influenced lyrics, and down-tuned guitars, especially with their album, “Paranoid”.

The controversy, down-tuned guitars, horror-inspired lyrics, and occultist themes has become a tradition and has paved the way for many other metal bands that will come In the future. Black Sabbath is not only known for creating heavy metal, but creating a new culture within society. But in the late ass, Oozy Osborne, the band’s lead Niger, was fired and then perfectly replaced by the magnificent, Ronnie James ODL. DID Is also credited for popularizing the “metals horns” hand gesture.

The metal horns Is formed when you raise the Index finger and the pinky finger simultaneously “hole keeping your middle finger and ring finger held down with your thumb. This gesture Is popular among the heavy metal community. In the early asses, metal bands have Indicated that heavy metal could be about fun, girls, drugs, alcohol, leather Jackets which led to the hostility between public opinion and metal music. Metal music has always had traditional dances, which Is known as slam-dancing or simply, noshing.

Noshing is a style of dancing where the participants push or slam Headlining is when you violently shake your head up and down to the rhythm of the music. These styles of dancing are most often connected to hardcore punk and numerous styles of heavy metal music. In the mid-to-late asses, the music was evolving into many varieties of heavy metal. There was thrash metal, a very aggressive and fast submerge of metal. It is most often has fast tempos with complex guitar riffs and yelling and shouted vocals. The guitar riffs are usually constructed Ninth the use chromatic scales and emphasize the triton’s with reduced intervals.

One popular song that made thrash metal become known above the underground Nas Metallic “Master of Puppets”. This song paved the way for thrash metal to mainstream audiences, especially for its introit’s use of triton’s. The triton has become a signature guitar riff in the metal culture, especially since its inception and the controversy it caused among Christians in the late ass and early ass. Clothing in the thrash metal subculture mainly consisted of a leather or denim Jacket, bullet belt round the waist, spiked wristbands or “gauntlets”.

Then there was death metal, a more lyrically and musically aggressive, brutal submerge of heavy metal which involves a more guttural and growl type of singing, double kick or blast beat techniques on the drums, heavily distorted and down-tuned guitars, and palm- muting or tremolo picking techniques also on the guitars, minor keys and atonality, and abrupt tempos and time signatures. But one essential reason why they called it death metal was because its reference to the death growl, a guttural type of localization.

The subject matter of death metal prominently consists of slashes film- eke violence, Satanism, religion, occultism, Liberation horror, nature, politics, and an introspective style of writing. A couple of groups that are known to create death metal are the bands titled Death, Carcass, Supernatural, Morbid Angel, Venom, Possessed, Decide, and Cannibal Corpse. Last and least, one style of heavy metal that has punched its way through commercial success was glam metal. Glam metal, in my personal opinion, is arguably the worst type of metal. Glam metal is also known as hair metal, synonymously, pop metal, or what I like to call it, poser metal.

I call it osier metal because it goes against the metal culture and what heavy metal actually is. Glam metal comprises of elements of the aesthetic asses glam rock and its fashion Ninth teased hair, tight denim or leather pants, spandex, makeup, and headbands, hard rock, pop music, while musically inputting catchy guitar riffs or hooks, and sometimes particularly uses power ballads. Lyrically, glam metal is mainly about partying, drugs, or women. Glam metal musicians had dissolute lifestyles of drugs, Omen, late-night parties, and often being in the tabloid press. Unfortunately, most people in the ass got sucked into the world of glam metal.

A short and horrible list of glam metal bands consists of Motley Crude, Whiteness, Poison, Deft Leopard, Tests, Kiss, and Twisted Sister. Metal music can be found from the middle class American kids to European youth and even where its taboo in the middle east countries and frowned upon in the rest of the world. Its alive and swinging its long haired head at break neck speeds. The reason the masses don’t hear much about this form of listening pleasure is because it is underground and will never make it to normal radio play because of the honest brutality of the music and lyrics that speak to us metal heads all over the world.