Barrington Heights Is an unsigned rock band Inspired by the songwriting tradition of Rehearsed, Oasis, The Battles, and Aerostatic. They believe that a band Is only as good as the song that they write and a good song, like any work of art, should have heart and soul. Barrington Heights is comprised of brothers Aristotle “Atari-Santos (rhythm guitar) and Aries “Reese” Santos (lead guitar). After being impressed with one of his younger brother’s songs, Reese decided to put some lead guitar lines to Attar’s raw, acoustic impositions and things just sparked between the two of them.

They decided then and there that they should form a band and put their music out for everyone. Coincidentally, Jonas ” Matt ” Deal Cruz, Reece’s college buddy and former band mate lust came back from his stint singing In Korea and they Immediately recruited him as their vocalist. The trio posted online ads at a local music forum to complete their line- up and that’s where they met bassist ARC Reese and drummer Dennis Cervantes.

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Since then, Barrington Heights have been consistently playing all over Metro Manila ND some of their most notable gigs were when they played in the same bill as Razorback (Jack TV: Bamboo Live), opened for Bamboo (Jack TV: Cockatoos Festival), opened for Sugar Hiccup album tour, and most recently guessed in ABS-Cab’s Music Plate Live. Barrington Heights have also guessed at Mellow 94. G’s top rated program Girl Talk early this year. Early this year they have recorded their second 3-song demo titled “The End Of Reason” which can be listened to at http://m;m. Casebook. Com/ farsightedness’s. Their first 3-song demo, “The Billboards Along The Highway,” Is also available for listening at the same web page. Videos of the band can be viewed at http://www. Youth. Com/farsightedness’s. As of this time, 4 other original English songs and 2 new Toga songs are yet to be recorded. Contact person: Aries Santos, Lead guitarist, +639178027531 , email: farringtonheights@live. Com If Band ay merrymakers Barrington Heights is an unsigned rock band inspired by the songwriting tradition of Rehearsed, Oasis, The Battles, and Aerostatic.