Twenty Feet to Stardom The film “Twenty Feet to Stardom” discussed about women with great voices morning as backup singers. Backup singers may not seem as important to many people but in reality this women were very important to the actual songs. These artists like Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Claudia Leaner and share their story of how sacrificing and rewarding their careers were. Even though they were shadows of many legends, they still carry a pride and satisfaction with what they did. These Omen carry a lot of history; they started in the ass when colored women started to come backup singers.

They were popular due to the fact that they brought emotion and soul with their voice. As a woman they had to work hard and be like a chameleon Math their voice. Every song was different; they had to work with different demands that were being asked. Yet, they were great with that they did because of the passion they had about singing. These women were dedicated and proud with what they did even though they did not get much credit. Even though they are not well known they Nor with great celebrities like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, and many more that were seeking for great voices.

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These women were very important for the artist that was seeking them to work with as backup singers. Few were able to become singers but not many were successful, one great singer was Darlene Love she was famous in her time and she went on to become an actress. These women come from what people call “old school”, but, they are still popular. In the presentation three wonderful ladies name Charlotte Crossly, Dry. Mabel John, Claudia Leaner spoke a bit about their careers, but they motivated Met. Sac students to follow their dreams and not give up. They mentioned that all of them began as dreamers and worked hard to develop their careers.