American surf rock guitarist born to Lebanese parents. Dale was born in Boston, but he and his family moved to Orange County, California, where he learned to surf and became very interested in music. With this important factor of surfing, he became known as ‘The King of the Surf Guitar. ” In Dalton, his Lebanese heritage also had a very important influence in his music. He had a strong interest in Arabic music, which greatly influenced his development of surf rock music. Dale is considered the creator of surf rock music, as well as one of the first electric guitarists o employ fast scales In his playing.

As a surfer, Dick wanted his music to reflect the sounds he heard in his mind while surfing, so he introduced the use of guitar revere, which is a special effect applied to an audio signal to make it sound as if it is being emitted in a tunnel, with some depth and a bit of echo. This guitar revere gave the guitar what they call a “wet” sound, which became a staple of surf music, Dick Dale met Leo Fender, and together they began to work on building custom amplifiers. Since Dale always focused on creating certain specific sounds, he pushed the limits f equipment. Fender would give Dale amplifiers, but he kept blowing them up.

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Because of this interaction, Leo Fender was led to develop many types of amplifiers and other equipment that would survive Dick’s style, as well as adapt to many types of sounds. Eventually, Fender developed a fifteen inch loudspeaker with certain specifications, which became the famous “1 5″ JOB Del OFF model. ” This unit became the complete package for Dick to play with, and allowed him to become the first person on earth to Jump from the guitar volume scale of 4 to blasting it to 10. Right after. And cause of this, Dale became “The Father of Heavy Metal,” because he broke through the electronic barrier limitations of the era.

Aside from being associated with many Fender amplifiers, Dale Is associated with the “Fender Cotoneaster” guitar. When they met, as a matter of fact, Leo Fender handed his new creation to Dick, who was left- handed. Due to this, Dale began to play it backwards and upside down, which Fender found humorous, but which also became Dick’s signature style of playing. Leo developed a signature model called the “Dick Dale Custom Shop Cotoneaster,” which as fitted with custom pickups (a pickup being “a device transducer that captures mechanical vibrations, usually from suitably equipped stringed instruments such as the electric guitar… ND converts them to an electrical signal that is amplified, recorded, or broadcasted. “) and supposed to recreate the sound of the first “starts. ” Again, Dick had a huge Impact on the development of equipment created by Leo Fender, which Is soul used today. As a matter of fact, as of 2010, Dale continued to play with his original revere unit and Showman amps from the early ass’s, as well as laying a right-handed guitar upside-down and backwards.

In conclusion, because of his creation of Surf Rock Music, as well as his wide experimentation with sounds, Dick Dale has been and still is an Icon and an Immense Influence of rock music. Because of his curiosity, we are now able to have the amplification technology that we have available today; technology that is capable of producing distorted, “thick” tones speed of his picking technique along with his showmanship with the guitar (which includes is upside-down and backwards technique), have made him into a pioneer of eave metal music, which we still enjoy today.