I have chosen to compare a recorded version and a live version of the song “Scar Tissue”, by a group named Red Hot Chili Peppers. I will be discussing the elements of music and comparing the live version to the recorded version of “Scar Tissue”. RHYTHM The recorded version starts off with a moderate beat of four beats per meter (or called a quadruple meter).

The rhythms through the entire live version match the recorded version perfectly. The only difference is the last guitar solo during the live erosion; I cannot tell what the meter Is and there Is no longer a beat, or even a steady beat, once the drums quit playing. The drummer speeds the tempo up dramatically, causing a lot of dissonance. DYNAMICS It’s rock music, so of course it’s going to be a little loud Also, throughout the entire live version there are a lot more accents put into the music.

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The guitar does have two solos during the recorded version, but they are completely different once being compared to the two live version solos. The last solo, the guitarist is punching and leaning into a lot of the notes to give a greater deal of emphasis on his performance ND his skill level. MELODY There isn’t a wide range of pitch in either versions of this song. During the live version though, the two guitarists do Join the lead singer to help with vocals, but only as imitation.

This song Is very minor scale, but the guitar solo at the end of the live version does turn the song Into minor scale for thirty seconds (which Is honestly my favorite part). HARMONY There Is lot more dissonance, or tension, In the live version then in the recorded version, but is always “released” by resolving consonant chords. TIMBRE/TONE COLOR The same string and percussion instruments play in both versions: electric guitar, bass guitar, and a drum set.