This short, sharp reply indicates Nicks venerated friendship with Gatsby verges on devotion as he cannot accept that Gatsby is not a wholly good man. Nick also makes sure to comment on Gatsby attempt at an honest career of “janitors work” [page 105] to pay for collage, and the single sentence of “he didn’t get it” [page 107] (In reference to the inheritance from Dan Cody). This sentence particularly stands out as it is unusually short, and evokes the readers sympathy for Gatsby situation.

Chapter six is not told in chronological order, as Nick admits that the tale of Gatsby past before the party, yet Gatsby “… Told me all this very much later”. Fitzgerald decision to show the reader Gatsby unsuccessful past a laborer immediately before a lavish party throws the reader, and clearly shows the contrast between “James Gate” and Jay Gatsby”. The majority of activity in chapter six is set at Gatsby house, both in daytime when Tom Buchanan visits, and at night, during another lavish party.

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Gatsby regularly acts in ways which surprise Nick, who continuously comments on this; including being “startled” [page 1 07] at Tom coming for a drink at Gatsby, and noting that Gatsby “… Wanted to go and her didn’t see that Mr. Sloan had determined that he 109] These comments remind he reader that Nick is recounting events, and emphasis the fact that Gatsby does not conform to all conventions.

They also show that although many people visit Gatsby, they are not his friends, as shown when Gatsby is invited for dinner as a socially dictated politeness, and then left behind, as he was simply being used for his hospitality, being ‘too polite to object” [page 15]. However, as this is being retrospectively told by Nick, it could have been influenced to create a more sympathetic view of Gatsby. Fitzgerald uses color to great effect in chapter six, specifically green, which often a positively enforced color, and has many previous links to Gatsby and Daisy, such as the “green light” at the end of the Buchanan property.

Daisy is linked to green in Chapter six when she says to nick, “If you want to kiss me… Present a green card. I’m giving out green-” [page 11]. This is unexpected, as Nick clearly does not Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in chapter 6. Love Daisy, who is married and with her husband at the party. However this could be seen as an indirect message to Gatsby, through Nick who appears to be his closest acquaintance.