Both the dramas are written in different period of clip. A Doll ‘s House is written in the modern society whereas Antigone by Sophocles is written in a really older period of clip. But the common topic that lies in both of the dramas is the male domination in the society that acts as a roadblock for the adult females to make something at their ain will. Both the female supporters ‘ Antigone and Nora were in a sort of civilization where a adult male looks down upon the adult female. Womans were supposed to stay by the regulations and Torahs set by work forces. They were thought ever to take attention of childs and household. Anything done apart from that was n’t accepted. But on the other side Men were believed to make all the determination devising related occupation.

A Doll ‘s House by Henrik Ibsen is play based on the Victorian society, where adult females have to obey all the regulations set by work forces. As Victorian civilisation is a diehard and probationary society, there are many jobs and difficulties the female every bit good as male characters and their households have to undergo The Victorian society consists of many relentless and unchanging Torahs where officially married adult females have civil autonomies similar to that of their offspring-meaning that they are the mundane occupations of their hubbies, and are non important to work and do money for their household. Male laterality is a characteristic of the Victorian society, where a adult female is bound to obey her hubby. As a consequence, adult females are inclined to depend on work forces and are trained to non stand up for them, for their rights.

Helmer, Nora ‘s hubby, is besides affected by the Torahs and social force per unit areas, believing that if he is non able to carry through the desires of his household, he would be considered a Man who is powerless of conveying up his household. Work force who are able to finish all the demands of the household and convey them up without adult females really assisting them is a affair of pride and regard for them. Helmer tries to forestall his married woman from making many things -not holding macaroons, have oning apparels harmonizing to his wish. But Nora does n’t listen to all he says she does devour macaroons when Helmer is non about. This states that Helmer even though seeking to be a hubby or a adult male of the Victorian society is non genuinely able to be one.

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Torvald spurns the simple idea of pecuniary and moral trust on anyone, numbering the fiscal dependance of any household member, like his male parent in jurisprudence. Torvald Helmer lets civilization and the society dictate the manner he and his married woman have to carry on themselves so as to be deemed as a portion of it. He sees himself as the monetary provider for the household, and as the caput of the house ; he thinks he is the lone one proficient and competent of doing determinations that shape the full household unit. He used to name her married woman with names such as “ My Darling, My Little Songbird etc ”[ 1 ]. This showed that Helmer judged his married woman Nora to be a sort of adult female who is non able to take attention of the whole house. He thought his married woman was like a marionette for him who should stay by the regulations set by him.

He now saw his married woman as an inconsiderate and dreamy adult female, and supposed she was the 1 accountable for possibly killing his society image, the 1 that he had exerted attempts all his life for. We could state this because his married woman had lied to him, she borrowed money behind his dorsum, and was gaining money which seemed dissing to a adult male because it meant that he could non back up his household ; all this actions plus the feeling of guilt that Nora expresses throughout the whole drama makes the reader believe that she has done something incorrect, He even prevents Nora from holding macaroons. This is the cause why Nora used to hold them in secret. Helmer was excessively defensive and ruling by non allowing Nora do what she wants to.

In Antigone by Sophocles, the society here is besides correspondent to that of in A Doll ‘s House by Henrik Ibsen. In the Grecian society, King Creon imposes Torahs and regulation in conformity to his ain desires and wants. The chorus besides passed on this message to a certain extent clearly by stating that “ You have the power to ordain any jurisprudence, both for the dead and for those of us lasting ”[ 2 ]. The message was about the fright they had because of the male monarch. In the whole drama, he tries to be a adult male whom adult females ca n’t even believe of opinion. His pride and complacency is one of his qualities that non merely do the people of Thebes in antipathy to him but besides his ain household in due class is non in support of him. When there was an statement between King Creon and Antigone, Creon says that “ But a adult female will ne’er govern me while I am alive ”[ 3 ]. This clearly tells us that Creon the King was disdainful, who would ne’er allow a adult female regulation him till he dies. He has a strong feeling of disgust against the adult females who go against the regulations by him.

The destiny ofA Antigone was an issue to the caprices of a male monarch who grants or holds back mercy and makes penalties that satisfy his ain demands and wants. This drama makes one think over it once more what make people baronial and what make them for the clip being lose judgment.A Sometimes at that place comes a clip where one should interrupt the regulations toA do the right thing at least for themselves. This is what Antigone does by traveling against the Torahs forced by Creon where Antigone ‘s was n’t allowed to bury his brother. Strict and firm Torahs were the grounds that have led Antigone to come out of the shell and Rebel Creon. Ismene is one such female character who is fearful of traveling against Creon for the entombment of his brother Polyneices. At the beginning, she was n’t back uping Antigone for that. She was wholly frightened. This was obvious when she said “ I will obey those who are in power. It is mindless to transgress our bounds ”[ 4 ]But at last even Ismene attempts to non be in favor of Creon.

We can see that in both the dramas i.e. Antigone and A Doll ‘s House, male laterality plays an of import function. Antigone and Nora both are affected by this. But in some manner male laterality is the thing that encourages the two characters to contend for themselves and be an illustration for the adult females of that epoch. For e.g. in A Doll ‘s House, Nora in due class decides to go forth the house and wholly abandon her household.