Media in China call Yang Lan the Oprah of China, and Yang Lan said that she would instead be Yang Lan of the universe. Regardless of their rubrics, Yang Lan and Oprah both have achieved great success in Television concern every bit good as in the media industry. As self-made adult females, their experiences have been animating people all over the universe.

In this paper we will present their backgrounds including household, childhood, instruction and calling. Then, we will analyse their leading manners and other factors that have put them where they are. Finally we will portion the lessons we have learned from these two leaders and pull our decision.

Background Information

Yang Lan

Family & A ; Childhood & A ; Education

Yang Lan was born in Beijing, the capital of China. She grew up in a traditional Chinese clerisy household. Her female parent worked as an applied scientist and her male parent taught English literature. She had a happy and healthy childhood expect on occasion being worried about exam Markss like most Chinese childs.

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When she was 12, her household bought their first Television. That was twelvemonth 1980, at that clip Television was a freshness in China, and really few households owned one. With lone several channels available and limited scheduling, there was non much pick. It may surprise you that Yang Lan, who subsequently became one of the most good known Television hostesses in China, watched small telecasting as a kid. Alternatively, she focused on her school assignment, and did truly great on her University Entrance Examination, really her mark was among the top 20 of Bejing City, which was a great award for any in-between school pupil.

After graduation from in-between school, Yang Lan was accepted by Foreign Studies University, one of the state ‘s most esteemed schools. She continued her academic excellence in university, and her mark was among the top 10 in her school, particularly her unwritten English, which was ranked as outstanding for four old ages directly. Besides her surveies, Yang Lan was besides an active participant in other school events. She was the frailty president of the school pupil commission, one time won a rubric of best actress in University English Drama Contest, and besides hosted many shows performed at school. Later she recalled in her first book that those experiences did assist her in developing her communicating accomplishments.

Career Path

Yang Lan started her calling as a Television hostess through an inadvertent event. It was the twelvemonth 1990, when Yang Lan was 21 old ages old, a senior pupil in University. Within a pool of over one 1000 campaigners, she was chosen to be the hostess of a new assortment show, Zheng Da.

Subsequently she recalled that during the choice, some managers thought that she was non beautiful plenty for the camera. She felt hurt by the fact that she was judged by visual aspect, but alternatively of experiencing sorry for herself, she found excess strength to turn out her abilities. The consequence is good known today that she outshined all other campaigners with her passion and endowments.

Zheng Da Variety Show succeeded instantly, it was one time China ‘s highest-rated plan with 220 million regular viewing audiences. In the following four old ages, Yang Lan grew out her new face on Television, and became one of the most popular hostesses in China. By that clip, she was merely 26 old ages old, with a glorious life on phase, so it was rather a surprise for her audience and coworkers when she announced that she has decided to travel to the US to prosecute a maestro ‘s grade. Her determination of analyzing aboard later was proven to be a wise move.

During her survey at Columbia University, majoring in International Communication, Yang Lan shot the first season of Yang Lan Horizon. “ We wanted to present Chinese viewing audiences to American dad civilization ” Yang Lan stated. For the 2nd season, Yang Lan took it to the following degree. Her show covered a broad scope of acute societal jobs confronting America, including societal security and drug dependence, etc. The Horizon was a major success.

After finishing her maestro grade in 1996, Yang Lan went back to China. At first, she worked with the Phoenix Chinese Channel to establish a show named Yang Lan Studio, which featured pointed interviews with public figures in concern and media. In 1999, she left Phoenix, and with her hubby Bruno Wu, whom she had met and married while populating in New York, founded Sun Television Cyber Networks ( normally known as Sun Television ) . Sun Television carried her dream of establishing a channel concentrating on circulating educational plans, to settle down as the “ Discovery Channel of China ” . However, the Chinese media environment seemed unprepared her invention, after several old ages ‘ fiscal battle, Yang Lan eventually sold 70 % of her portions of Sun Television in 2003.

Although Sun Television was non considered a wise commercial move, it did n’t halt Yang Lan from turning her celebrity into a concern imperium. Her corporation, Sun Media, has entered assorted sorts of concerns, such as print publications, online magazines, jewellery lines and etc. Besides the day-to-day swot of concern direction, she now hosts Yang Lan One on One and Her Village. Yang Lan has more than proved herself to be a gifted anchorwoman and a originative pioneer.

Oprah Winfrey

Family & A ; Childhood & A ; Education

It is no secret that Oprah had a unsmooth childhood. When she was born, she did n’t hold a male parent, and her female parent was a adolescent maidservant. She was sent to populate with her grandma for six old ages shortly after her birth. They were in poorness and Oprah had to have on frocks made of murphy pokes. At age six, she moved to populate with her female parent. Get downing when she was nine old ages old, she was molested by her cousin, her uncle, and a household friend.

At age 13, after enduring old ages of maltreatment, Oprah ran off from place. When she was 14, she became pregnant with her boy who died shortly after birth. Rumor has it that during the unsmooth period of clip, Oprah had some intolerable memories. She one time was an minor cocotte.

Light eventually came to Oprah ‘s life, she was sent to populate with Vernon, who was considered her biological male parent. Vernon was really rigorous. Oprah subsequently recalled that if she did n’t complete the day-to-day survey program, there was no nutrient for her. With the aid of her male parent ‘s subject, Oprah managed to turn her life about, from a otiose adolescent to an honor pupil. Later she was accepted by Tennessee State University with full scholarship, majoring in communicating.

Career Path

At age 19, she was hired to make intelligence part-time by a local black wireless station. Later she recalled the clip when she was making intelligence, “ In all those old ages I felt discontent, experiencing like I ‘m in the incorrect topographic point, in the incorrect occupation. Until I was given an assignment to be a co-host with Richard Sher, it was a local talk show, called ‘People Are Talking ‘ . When I was on phase, I felt like I was place. It was the most natural I of all time felt at work. ” Without uncertainty, Oprah ‘s talk show calling began.

Her major discovery came when she moved to Chicago, to host a forenoon talk show called AM Chicago, which was foremost aired in January 1st 1984. Today we may believe that Oprah ‘s success happened nightlong, but that dark took about 11 old ages. During that clip, she was the lone fleshy black female on Television. Everyone talked to her like “ You ‘re non gon na do it. ” But she made it, yet it was merely the beginning.

Afterwards, she signed a syndication trade with King World. The show was renamed the Oprah Winfrey Show, which rapidly reached a national audience, and became the No.1 day-time talk show in America. Since the really first national Oprah Winfrey Show, which was on air September 8th, 1986, she has been hosting the show for 25 old ages. In her shows, mundane life is the lead, and the subjects are non merely concerned and cared about by the populace, but besides invariably involved with keen-edged societal jobs.

Besides the appeal of being a hostess, Oprah has besides proved herself as a gifted concern enterpriser. Soon after the success of the show, Oprah founded Harpo Inc, which was entitled to the full authorization to bring forth the Oprah Winfrey Show. Later, Harpo Entertainment Group was founded to bring forth films and Television plans. Besides, Oprah publishes two magazines, and has created the web site to supply resources and synergistic content associating to her shows, magazines, book nine, and public charity. Oprah has been ranked the richest African American of the twentieth century and was one time the universe ‘s lone black billionaire.

A Word Before Comparison

As we carry on this topic, we feel that if we lay our eyes merely on accomplishments, it is non a just comparing. The Japanese have a stating that provinces, “ A adult male is whatever room he is in ” . After all, the US has been the dominant power in the media industry for several decennaries. In the sixtiess, Television was a common contraption for general American households, but in China, even in the 1980s, Television was a luxury for most households. Not to advert the related commercial operations.

Another factor that we can non pretermit is the differences of authorities ordinances between China and the US. Unlike the US, the Chinese media market is much more forced. There are tonss of regulations and limitations on Television content, and they change on a regular basis.

Rather than comparing their accomplishments, our analyses focuses more on the factors that get them where they are today as a individual, such as personalities, interactive elements, centered leading factors, and how they implement their leading powers.

Analysiss On Leadership

Personal Features

Leaderships are besides people. Their leading accomplishments are either enhanced or diminished by their behaviours. How they behave is chiefly dependent to their personal features and values.

So we believe that it will assist us farther understand our two leaders by first analysing their personal features. In this subdivision, we use two signifiers to present our consequences, one for their features in common, another for their features that different from each other.

Features in common

Yang Lan

Oprah Winfrey

Resilience and Courage

Although Sun Television was non considered to be a concern success, it did n’t halt Yang Lan from enlarging her corporation, Sun Media, which has entered assorted sorts of concerns.

She was sexually abused by several male relations and became really rebellious when she was immature. However, she was able to transform her life and leave the past buttocks.

Positive Attitude

She maintains a positive image in the eyes of Chinese public. Her show is considered to be profound and educational. And she is invariably involved in public service.

Even when she tackles negative issues, she ‘s able to convey up positive messages. This is one of the grounds why so many people have opened up their Black Marias to the positively oriented Oprah.


She is non afraid of challenges. She left the glamor of phase to analyze aboard when she was one of the most popular hostesses in China. Furthermore, Sun Television was a advanced test in the Chinese media, although latter she had to sell Sun Television due to fiscal grounds.

She ‘s invariably conveying new subjects and thoughts into her show. When Oprah began to portion the painful narratives, it was something that has ne’er been done earlier. Her inventions enable her to take on many different subjects that were uncommon before Oprah covered them.

Charity Involvement

She is the laminitis of Sun Culture Foundation. She is besides the Goodwill Ambassador of the China Charity Federation and a legal guardian of the Soong Ching Ling Foundation.

She is the 1 of the greatest black altruists in American history. Engagement in charity is a really of import portion of her life.

Features that they are different from each other

Yang Lan

Oprah Winfrey

Family Valuess

She has a happy household with two childs, a boy and a girl. From the foreigners ‘ sentiment, her matrimony is the sort to be envied.

She is a individual adult female. Her unsmooth childhood and turning up without a existent female parent likely consequence how she sees matrimony and maternity.

Attitudes to Commercial

She is a popular advertisement interpreter. Actually, several commercials with her image and indorsements are on air every twenty-four hours.

She does urge merchandises, particularly books in her shows, but every bit far as we know, she ne’er endorses a merchandise for fiscal grounds.


She is good known by her intellectuality, elegance and soft mode. From 1996, she has interviewed more than four 100 public figures, including many caputs of province. She is able to inquire inquiries in deepness and present profound interviews.

The secret of Oprah ‘s success is sharing. She candidly portions about her past maltreatments and drug job. These personal issues are normally non discussed or even mentioned by other talk show hosts. Her friendly and empathic personality besides makes her invitees feel warm and trusty.

How public sees them

She seems to hold it all, calling, household, intelligence, beauty and celebrity. The public sees her as a theoretical account for calling adult females, who lives a about perfect life.

Peoples, particularly adult females, see her non merely as a famous person, but truly love and trust her. That ‘s the ground why a book can go a best seller overnight when Oprah says she it ‘s deserving reading.

Interactional Framework

Based on the analyses of their features and other comparative elements, we come up with their interactive model charts severally, utilizing the leader-follower-situation model developed by Gallic and Raven.

Yang Lan




Oprah Winfrey




Centered Leadership Factors

Through in-depth comparing and analysis for them, we believe that being a good or even first-class leader must possess the basic elements of leading. This is besides consistent with the five basic elements of centered leading proposed by Mckinsy.

Centered leading factors

Beginning: Mckinsey Quarterly

Meaning – detecting your strengths and seting them to work in the service of an inspiring intent

Meaning is the motive that moves us. It enables people to detect what involvements them and to force themselves to the bound. It makes the bosom round faster, provides energy, and inspires passion. Meaning is so of import for leaders ; it translates into greater occupation satisfaction and higher productiveness. The benefits besides include feelings of transcendence-in other words, lending to something bigger than you generates a deeper sense of significance, thereby making a virtuous rhythm.

Oprah has first-class communicating accomplishments and nice memory, which help her thrust other people ‘s emotions easy. Every clip speaking about her calling development, Oprah ever “ listens to the call of her bosom ” . She believes that since she became talk show host, she truly found “ the passion and feeling for work ” .

Pull offing energy – cognizing where your energy comes from, where it goes, and what you can make to pull off it

Actively pull offing energy degrees is important to leaders. How to equilibrate their energy flows means establishing your precedences on the activities that energize you, both at work and at place, and actively pull offing your resources to avoid dunking into militias.

Yang Lan has a really graphic analogy about equilibrating work and life. Both work forces and adult females should bear the “ two pails of H2O ” which are calling and household. Some people guess it would be easy if they merely pick one pail of H2O. However it is non consistent with the rules of mechanics. We ‘d break utilize a transporting pole to pick the two pails other than transporting one heavy pail without a pole. There is a balanced relationship between these two pails. So we ‘d outdo do a good balance between calling and household in our life.

Positive bordering – following a more constructive manner to see your universe, spread out your skylines, and derive the resiliency to travel in front even when bad things happen

The frames in which people use to see the universe and procedure experiences can do a critical difference to professional results. Many surveies suggest that optimists see life more realistically than pessimists, a frame of head that can be important to doing the right concern determinations. Optimists, research shows, are non afraid to border the universe as it really is-they are confident that they can pull off its challenges and travel their squads rapidly to action. By contrast, pessimists are more likely to experience incapacitated and to acquire stuck in downward spirals that lead to energy-depleting contemplation.

Oprah had an unhappy childhood. Thankss to her male parent salvaging her in clip, and learning her to confront life positively. This positive attitude changed her life. She became an optimist, and therefore achieved her calling success. Until now, Oprah has been maintaining a wont of “ entering moved things particularly. Every dark at bedtime, ciphering what good things happened today, and composing down at least 5 interesting things. ”

Connecting – identifying who can assist you turn, constructing stronger relationships, and increasing your sense of belonging

Peoples with strong webs and good wise mans enjoy more publicities, higher wage, and greater calling satisfaction. They feel a sense of belonging, which makes their lives meaningful. As Mark Hunter and Herminia Ibarra have noted in the Harvard Business Review, what differentiates a leader from a director “ is the ability to calculate out where to travel and to enlist the people and groups necessary to acquire at that place. ”

Yang Lan ‘s success, to a certain extent, depends on her application of “ GUANXI ” . She shows how to construct a wide web: One attack is to supply and inquire for aid on a regular footing. Finding ways to hammer connexions through involvements outside of work is another. Over and over, we heard, “ Make it personal, ” in the sense that others will acquire along with you more easy if they see your human side. You can show this in all sorts of ways at work, without unsuitably intermixing your professional and personal lives.

Prosecuting – happening your voice, going autonomous and confident by accepting chances and the built-in hazards they bring, and join forcesing with others

Prosecuting agencies to make our ain fortune. To prosecute with chances by taking ownership of them, you must first happen your ain voice, literally. Battle is every bit about hazard pickings. We need accept hazard as a portion of chance. To encompass chance, people must frequently take crisp roundabout waies and that the hazards of unexpected alterations normally seem more obvious than the benefits. Reaching out to others-not to avoid doing determinations yourself but to larn the best result from alteration can frequently assist you see chances in the right frame and make up one’s mind whether or non to travel for them.

Harmonizing to Forbes magazine, Oprah has gained more than 10 billion dollars up to the present. She is so successful in her calling mostly because of a large determination from herself-She set up her ain media group, “ Harpo ” and hired Jeff Chambers as CEO with 10 % of the portions. As we know, before Harpo, Jeff was non so good known as a attorney. He suggested Oprah to put up her ain company so that she can obtain existent control in her calling. Oprah got this chance, and made a great commercial success with Jeff ‘s aid.

Power Analysiss


In order to understand a individual ‘s leading, it is of import to cognize the leading power the individual possesses and the influence the individual has on his/her followings. In this subdivision, we will foremost place the assorted powers Yang Lan and Oprah Winfrey had or have as leaders, and so measure how they have used their powers to act upon others in the different phases of their calling.

We learned from Hughes, Ginnest and Curphy that leading power is a leader ‘s capacity to bring forth effects on others, while influence is the existent grade of effects produced. Two constructs are somewhat different, as leading power is more about what leaders can make, and the influence is refering what leaders want to make or hold done.

Another thing to observe is that leading power does non ever entirely come from the leader him/herself. In many instances, leading power depends on the state of affairs the leader is in. The follower ‘s behaviour besides has an impact on the leader ‘s power. In Yang Lan and Oprah ‘s instance, since both of them are complete Television presenters/journalists, much of their leading powers are derived from the popularity of their Television shows.

For that ground, we use the leader-follower-situation model developed by Gallic and Raven to analyze the leading power of Yang Lan and Oprah. In the model, Gallic and Raven identified the following 5 beginnings of leading power:

Expert power

Legitimate power

Referent power

Coercive power

Reward power

As seen in the diagram below, 3 elements that interconnect with each other can be found within the model, including leader, followings and state of affairs. Different beginnings of leader ‘s powers are maps of different elements. Among the 5 beginnings of leading power, adept power is based on the leader ‘s ain cognition and expertness hence it is a map of the leader, legitimate power is determined by leader ‘s function hence it is a map of the state of affairs, referent power is built on the relationship between leader and followings hence it is the map of the two, coercive power is the possible to influence others through disposal of negative countenances hence it is a map of the leader and the state of affairs, and reward power is a map of all three elements in the model.

Yang Lan

Adept power:

Today, Yang Lan is a family name in her place state. She is recognized by people in China as an elegant, intelligent and competent female. As a leader, Yang Lan ‘s calling success mostly replied on her adept power, which is chiefly derived from her household and instruction background. Yang Lan ‘s parents are the chief ground that she went on to analyze English during her undergraduate old ages. Her superior English linguistic communication accomplishments subsequently gained her admittance to the co-hosting function for The Zheng Da Variety Show of CCTV. Even today, it is non easy to happen another female media personality who has the fiting English linguistic communication accomplishments as Yang Lang does. Just when her name was going the equivalent word of the Zheng Da Variety Show, to everyone ‘s surprise, she chose to vacate the show and to analyze international and public personal businesss broadening her positions and deriving cognition in international dealingss and the concern universe. She was able to use what she learned at Columbia to set up her image as an rational adult female in China.

Legitimate power and coercive power:

Yang Lan ‘s beginnings as a Television personality for CCTV led her to seek a maestro ‘s grade from Columbia University, so she returned to the media industry as a talk-show host at China ‘s Phoenix Television after graduation. In 1999, she had the chance to follow her “ dream ” of establishing her ain company Sun Television Cyber Networks ( Sun Television ) . This can be seen as an effort to derive legitimate power and coercive power when her expert power ca n’t acquire her anywhere higher.

Referent power and reward power:

As a cultural icon in her state, Yang Lan served as an image embassador for Beijing in its successful command for the 2008 Summer Olympics and spoke at China ‘s concluding presentation to the International Olympic Committee in Moscow. She has besides interviewed more than 400 Chinese and international famous persons and concern leaders since 1996. But we would n’t depict her as influential among her audiences. In China, really few adult females can accomplish what Yang Lan has achieved, i.e. celebrity, fiscal success, and a harmonious household. Peoples watch her show, but do non needfully purchase the merchandises she has endorsed. This is besides mostly affected by the values within Chinese society. In China, personal heroes are non encouraged except for political figures, personal issues are frequently unbroken secret, and mercenary wagess are non encouraged but instead frequently repulsed. In other words, what Oprah has done will non work in China.

Findingss on leader influence:

We find that Yang Lan chiefly relies on her adept power to influence others. This mostly due to: 1 ) Her superior cognition and competence degree in her field made her base out as a prima figure. 2 ) The political and societal environment in China prevented her from deriving more referent and wages power to influence others. Her transmutation from a Television personality to a concern leader can be seen as her move to prosecute bigger legitimate and coercive power, which in her instance is the lone manner for her self-improvement. Her beneficent Acts of the Apostless and image embassador function for Beijing Olympics are her efforts to increase her influence through wages and referent powers. So far, she is concentrating more on her concern successes than on societal achievements.

Oprah Winfrey

Adept power:

As a media personality, Oprah had demonstrated her endowment at an early age when she worked at a local black wireless station. At age 19, she was hired as a newsman, and subsequently became the youngest and merely black ground tackle of the local Television talk show she worked for. In 1984, Oprah took control of WLS-TV ‘s “ AM Chicago ” . In less than a twelvemonth, she turned it into the hottest plan in Chicago, which was shortly renamed “ The Oprah Winfrey Show. ” Cipher is traveling to oppugn Oprah ‘s expertness in what she does. She knows how to interact with people on her shows and she has crisp eyes for descrying critical issues in ordinary people ‘s lives. In a field that is dominated by white and male personalities, Oprah ‘s 1000000s of viewing audiences for her show are the strongest back uping grounds of her superior knowledge/expertise in such a field.

As a concern leader, Oprah ‘s wealth and influence have grown invariably ; she was the first Afro-american adult female to make billionaire position, which speaks louder than most words that she is a concern leader who knows how to convey fiscal success to her organisation.

Legitimate power and coercive power:

As a Television presenter, Oprah ‘s legitimate and coercive power comes from her being the ground tackle of her show. But when it comes to the relationship with her audiences, she has really limited legitimate and coercive power to utilize, because finally audiences have their pick for what show they watch. Oprah, as for most Television presenters, demands to trust on her other leader power to maintain her ain show running or even lasting.

As a concern leader, Oprah is the laminitis and the face of her concern imperium hence she possesses abundant legitimate and coercive power within her organisation.

Referent power:

Referent power is the most of import leading power Oprah uses throughout her calling. In her early yearss, she was able to breakthrough as a successful Television show host because her audiences were inspired by her personality, her low roots, her recovery as an maltreatment subsister, and more significantly, her focus on issues in ordinary people ‘s lives. She built strong interpersonal ties between herself and the audience, and made herself a trusting friend and an admirable function theoretical account for the audience to follow. For 25 old ages, this Emmy Award-winning daylight talk show “ The Oprah Winfrey Show ” has inspired, educated and enlightened 1000000s of people. She has remained true to the highest ideals of humanity and of nurturing the spirit. In the late 1990s, Oprah became a large participant in the literary industry with her “ Oprah ‘s Book Club. ” Any book she chose became an nightlong best seller, which is another good illustration of Oprah using her referent power.

Reward power:

Reward power is another of import leading power Oprah has. As mentioned earlier, reward power involves all 3 elements of the model including leader, followings and state of affairs. A good illustration of how Oprah uses her reward power can be found in a typical episode of her show. For illustration, when she invites person who suffers from domestic maltreatment to be a invitee of her show, she uses her state of affairs ( being the host of a national-wide talk show ) to honor her invitees with attending on their job from 1000000s of audiences. At the same clip, she would portion with everyone her ain childhood experience of physical and mental maltreatment ; so as a leader, she was honoring her invitee with her ain experience, which would surely do her guest feel less suffering. The invitees would besides appreciate the chance to talk up about their jobs, while profiting from the bosom mending effects emotionally. Another good illustration would be, in the “ wildest dreams come true ” season of her show, Oprah gave out things that her audiences have asked for in their letters, runing from cars to mundane objects. This is another illustration of her utilizing her wages power as a leader.

Findingss on leader influence:

As a leader, Oprah influenced others chiefly through her referent and wages power, and that has ever been the instance throughout her calling. She foremost used referent and wages power to derive popularity for herself and her show among followings. When she became a good known figure, she continued to back up what she believed in by using her popularity and influence. Her concern venture was a natural move to merely capitalise on her celebrity, but should n’t be seen as her move to derive more legitimate power in the leading. On the other manus, her philanthropic plants had ever been following the cardinal values she believed in.

Lessons Learned

The more we submerge ourselves to the analyses of these two phenomenal adult females leaders, the more we unfeignedly admire their accomplishments and characters. We believe the best manner to pay our regard is to larn from their experiences and utilize what we learn to better ourselves. We would wish to portion four valuable lessons.

Growth is a pick

No affair how talented we are, or we think we are, we can non all become Yang Lan or Oprah Winfrey. The painful fact is that success may depend on many factors that are out of our control. Should we merely admit that destiny is our foreman? The reply is NO. Because we do hold something under control, we can take to turn. It does n’t take a illusion survey room or money to truly larn. We merely necessitate the strong desire to better ourselves. Growth can non vouch our success, nil can, but it can salvage us from the “ What if “ declinations.

Peoples can state when you care, so do n’t feign

Since “ concern is war ” , should we all become pitiless soldiers ready to knife others in the back? We have no place to go through judgement ; after all, concern is concern. But, when we see the thaumaturgy that genuine attention has done, most people would appreciate it more. One of the most memorable minutes is from Yang Lan.

Once in her show, Yang Lan ‘s invitee was Malaysia ‘s Prime Minister Badawi, whose married woman late passed off at that clip. Knowing that their relationship was really deep, Yang Lan asked the inquiry in a really sensitive manner. Prime Minister Badawi, who had ne’er responded to any personal inquiries in public, was touched by Yang Lan ‘s mode, and with deep feelings recalled the last yearss with his married woman. The scene was touching.

We all agree that common apprehension is an of import component of leading. We can merely accomplish that through echt attention and involvement to other people, ever seek to understand, non pass judgement.

Be consistent

Oprah one time recalled a existent narrative of hers: One twenty-four hours, a adult female in a food market shop stopped me and said, “ I do n’t crush my childs any more, I used to crush my childs. At the first clip, at the 2nd clip, I ‘ve been watching you for a long clip and you ‘ve been consistent. Every clip, I watch you, you ever say the same thing. ‘Beating your child alterations your child ‘s life ‘ . I broke into cryings right off.

Gandhi has a stating that states “ My life is the message I want to direct ” . Bing consistent does n’t belie the fact that people ‘s nature is complicated. We merely necessitate to happen things that we genuinely believe in, and those things we know for certain will represent our values, which can modulate our behaviour and demonstrate to the universe what sort of individual we are.

What defines a concern leader?

Fiscal success, power, or celebrity can convey you command over your ain life, but do n’t do you a concern leader. Bing a concern leader is non merely about carry throughing our ain aspirations, but besides about doing a positive difference to the wellbeing of our community, our state and people. Yang Lan and Oprah have been utilizing their endowments and great luck to break our society, and that is why they are qualified as concern leaders.


In decision, while their successes and prominence illustrate that both Yang Lan and Oprah Winfrey are first-class leaders in both their place states and on the universe ‘s phase, there are some noteworthy differences between the waies that they have chosen every bit good as in the ways they relate to their viewing audiences. Yang Lan is smart, glamourous, articulate, and progressive. Her image endorses consumer merchandises, and one is difficult pressed to go through a twenty-four hours in Beijing without seeing her exposure juxtaposed against something that is for sale. She represents a epicurean life style that many people dream about. Peoples who watch her see an graven image and a phantasy, and at the same clip a down to earth adult female to whom they can associate.

On the other manus Oprah ‘s narrative is that of a authoritative “ shreds to wealths ” . Her viewing audiences can associate to her past and take inspiration from her rise from poorness and life of fright to the famous person and leader that she is today. Oprah has ne’er lost the ability to link on a personal degree with her viewing audiences, to sympathize with them and set herself in their places. Her emotional openness goes a long manner in prosecuting her audience. She does non impart her image to publicize trade names, and is hence seen as a “ existent individual ” despite her position. She has considerable influence over her audience and is able to mobilise the multitudes to vote for a peculiar campaigner in American presidential elections or to do or interrupt a book on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

Respected and recognized worldwide, Yang Lan and Oprah Winfrey are both leaders in their ain rights. With different manners and attacks they work in similar industries and exercise powerful influence ; their images and their messages are the voices of their states.