Whilst rummaging through old photo albums, I came upon the photo album of mine and Christian’s wedding that was held in summer of 2012. Christian and I got married at Woodland Park, a 45-minute drive from Brighton and Since I was young, I have always wanted to have a garden wedding and coincidentally, Christian wanted one too. We hired a talented wedding planner who made our wedding day much more memorable. The venue was decorated with white and cream flower arrangements and guests were informed to dress in beige or cream to follow the color coordination. B

The morning of the wedding day started off with an anxiety attack. I can recall myself overthrowing everything and panicking miserably. Christian and I followed the tradition of the groom not being able to see his bride until she walks down the aisle which made me even more panicked as he has been the only person who can calm me down whenever I get these attacks. Luckily for me, my mother was there to reassure me that everything was going to be fine and soon enough started to relax. For most women, the wedding dress is definitely one of the highlights of the day.

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My dress that is now stored up in the top shelf of my closet was designed by Vera Wang. Its a beautiful bare back cream lace gown with a 3-foot train. As I walked down the aisle, everyone was in awe of how catching the dress was. As I am more introverted rather than extroverted, walking down the aisle and being the centre of attention was rather intimidating but as soon as saw Christian at the end of the aisle looking striking, I immediately thought of nothing but him. The day was concluded with a moonlight dinner under the stars. The setting was yet again remarkable.

This was the first time both Christian and my family got to properly sit down together so they used the time to bond with one another and got along really well. As for my friends, we used this time to catch up with one another as we’ve all moved to different parts of the united Kingdom. The day Christian and I could officially call ourselves Mr. and Mrs. Grey is definitely a fairytale that I’ll remember and cherish forever.