One part of me was anxious, afraid and petrified of the arduous sports events ahead, but the other part of me felt rood, relieved and joyous to be representing my home country in an international sports competition. Glancing towards the audience, I instantly recognized my energetic and enthusiastic mother. Memories started to flood back into my mind- from the moment I first held that shiny metallic fencing sword to the obstacles that hampered my journey from being an Olympian. At this moment, I reminisced and flashed back twenty years to the past- when first found my passion for fencing.! Todd there in utmost shock, to witness my father’s death before my eyes. My father was a wise, experienced man who spent his final years retreating in is brick cottage. Life in the past decade was difficult for many Malaysian, and my father was no exception. Living in tumultuous conditions, both of us constantly bickered as he was a perfectionist who had sky high expectations for me. ! When I was a child, I was bored of the monotonous children television programmed offered. Flipping through the channels, there was nothing that interested me. Suddenly, I widened my eyes.

In front of me, there was two men who were wielding in a duel with immaculately sharpened swords. Their precise technique and their agility were presented in a heart wrenching array of lunges, stabs and dodges. It was intense. Both of them seemed equally as likely to win as the other. Suddenly, on the final match, the television had to select that exact moment to spoil. I screamed with relentless agony. Unbeknown to me, my passion for fencing started to develop and the coincidental switch of channels will change my life forever.! Eventually, I wanted to attempt at the art of fencing for myself.

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Fencing, for my perception at that time, was a paradise from Stress and a fresh, unlearned sport for me to enjoy as a leisure hobby. Unfortunately, my dad had a different idea. He wanted me to be the tertiary predator in the forest. He wanted me to win everything. Consequently, he extended my training sessions and pressurized me to juggle between my academics and my fencing. My coach was especially meticulous on fencing footwork and trained me vigorously for tournaments. It felt too stressful. For a moment, I detested fencing. His stringent sessions diminished all my passion for the sport itself. Although despised my father for his overachieving expectations for me, I had never loved him more than anyone else. I felt the countless tears slowly cascade on my melancholy face, as it dripped on the faded will my father left Trudging towards the countryside vicinity, my fathers last days were the best days I ever spent with him. All these memories drifted from my head as my eyes widened with shock. Towering over me with its diminishing beauty, my late father’s humble abode hardly seemed like the enchanting cottage in the faded pictures he left for me.

It all reminded me of the consecutive shrieks from my cynical coach as he forced me to brutally sprint around the field. Wanted to faint, but the minimal avidity in me pushed me to extend my limits. The grueling sun had engulfed me in a world Of torture and agitation, causing y arid tongue to weep in somber. ! Amidst the tranquility and the grandeur of the countryside, a dilapidated ancient cottage arose. Its once immaculately glazed windows have been destroyed by Time’s misdemeanors, causing innumerable cracks to form on the surface. The golden hued poles of the swing had its paint peeled out to its entirety.

This was my solitude of peace as spent hours and hours here, getting engrossed on various fencing books. Occasionally there would be a drawing pad in my hand, thus would sketch the various techniques through the book. Not only this was my area of inner peace, it also broadened my mind on the technical aspects of fencing.! Pandemonium relentlessly ensued across the hall as I took my place on the rubber mat. Cheers reverberated across the vast hall from the vivacious audience. To my consternation, was facing against the abominable Line Chem., who ranked first in the world.

Besides the fact that he has developed his own secret tactics, Line Chem. had won the gold medal in the Olympics in Beijing and Athens as well! Suddenly had this impromptu feeling of insignificance, and doubted my position in the finals against him. His glare emanated a discomforting level of malice, whereas his physique and strength discouraged e whether I could really defeat him or not In doubt, I gazed at the audience. Hopeful and optimistic looks were on the Malaysian audience’s faces, including my mothers. Unexpectedly, I gasped to see my father taking a seat in the audience!!

My heart stopped palpitating. There was too much to take in. Utter disbelief penetrated in me, forcing me to be blank over whether this is real or just a dream. Felt like the world around me had stopped revolving, and time had froze for a moment. His face shone a glimmer of hope, and his positive smile reminded me why was here in the first place. Finally understood the sage he was attempting to convey through my childhood. Mouthing my gratitude to him, I had my final glimpse of his wrinkled grin. And then he disappeared.! Once the final match commenced a burst of adrenalin penetrated me.

Sprinting across the mat, I miraculously dodged from the continuous swift stabs of Line Sheen’s sword. He kept advancing whereas I kept backing up. Trembling on my blade, I attempted to block and resist as many attacks as possible. As he swiped his petrifying blade, I missed my step and tumbled down. TO my uttermost nightmare, Line Chem. stabbed the blade on my chest, earning another point for himself. ! It was now or never. One more point to my victory. One more point to honoring my fathers wishes. One more point to be the first Malaysian gold medalist. I held the blade tenaciously and took a deep breath.

When the sound of the buzzer was heard, both of us dashed towards each other. With all my determination, I lunged forward, striking my metallic blade on his chest, concluding the most challenging game I had ever competed in. Celebratory cheers echoed across the room as I cheered and hugged my mother with pride and joy. No words could express my excitement and glee.! As the glimmering gold medal was placed on my neck, I could not help to ensue a strong feeling of guilt. Finally understood- all of these years of perspiration and diligence accumulated up to mould me as a fantastic fencer. Ever realized how inspirational my father was until now. He allowed me to reach out for my dreams with no intention of forcing me to pursue what I disliked. Through my fathers discipline, I realized he was also training me to never give up on my dreams.! Father, if you are out there in heaven, I just want to apologies for not realizing your purpose of being stringent towards my life. You are a wonderful, humble man who silently sculpted me to who I have become. Without you, I would eve never won the gold medal. In the future, want my children to realize that life is not a bed of sunflowers.

Although there are millions of obstacles that might stop us in the way of life, they actually are part of the exhilarating, enthralling and enriching path of life you will face. There is nobody in this world who has no problems. In this path of life, you will meet people and they will take a stroll down this path, wherever you head for. They can also assist you in the obstacles, but slowly, one by one they will walk down the wrong path- and you might never see them again. You do not achieve success all by ourselves. There are people united with you, following you throughout the path of life.

Instead of getting frustrated, embrace your problems and use it as benefit, not for your loss. Changing your perspective on negative and positive things might bend this particular road in your favor. ! In the future, I do not want people to simply gaze at my gold medals as boastful achievements or shiny priceless artifacts that people compliment me on. I want everyone to look at these medals as the end product of hard work, determination, courage, dexterity, persistence and most importantly, teamwork!!