An effective team affords the opportunity to share leadership roles and accountability for the productivity of work, changing the emphasis to a teams effort instead of a single persons effort . Building an effective team is vital understanding the importance of matching skills of individuals who make up the team is one way to establish effectiveness . One mistake as it relates to formulating a team by composing it with the right individuals could impact on the team.

An effective team should be those who are enthusiastic and motivated to join forces in a working capacity to share and form ideas by means of effective communication . Teams should be selected based on the skills , experience and qualifications that each member brings to the entire group , placing each member in a position that best suits his/her level of skills to all team members should be good at doing the same thing , some members may be good at being innovative and creative while others are better at resolving difficult issues in a timely manner.

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Effective teams always establishes ground rules in efforts to meet on a regular basis to analyze the teams progress , deadlines and address issues and concerns that may arise , this is also reason for an effective team to select a good team leader one who will be effective and relates to providing motivation and feed back objectively to the other team members. Kurt Lenin ( 1939) came up with different styles of leadership Decorative : Absolute power over everything , decorative leaders typically make choices based on their own ideas and judgments and rarely accept advice .

Decorative management style would be effective of a staff member displays McGregor Theory X , if this style was used in everyday running of the home this would result in communication breakdown, low staff morale the team would feel hostile , not wanting to take an active role within the home because their own creativity would be inhibited. Bureaucratic : the focus is n everyone following rules and regulations even if they are not the best course of action .

Laissez-Fairer : The staff are left to their own devices regardless of what they choose to do or how they go about it, Paul Henley and Ken Blanchard situational leadership theory identifies four methods of effective leadership. Directing styles : issues instructions and ignores feedback Coaching: This works to involve people in decision making and to take the time to assist them in solving problems . EVIDENCE RECORD (continued) Date of Activity: out 1. Supporting: works to develop decisions together . Delegating allows to make decisions and to execute them without direct guidance . Both Kurt Lenis and Hershey and Blanchard styles are very similar . Lenis styles are based on the amount of influence and power exercised by the managements behavior , there four styles are based on leadership behavior becoming a function not only of the characteristics of the leader but of the characteristics of the staff members as well.

Im my opinion Kurt lenis styles do not take the welfare of the staff into consideration is the impact on the company will be negative. Where as Hershey and Blanchard re based upon staff and their needs from the managers approach to them and the different situations, the out come would be a more positive effect on the team and how the team would perform.

Trust is an internal part of forming a high performance team ” High performance teams can only operate in a climate of trust” (TCPMAN) there are manta factors to look at when assessing how trust is built up and maintained trust can’t occur without effective communication this should be good communication between all members of a team, For effective communication to occur each person within the team needs to feel free to announcement without repercussions or fear of been targeted or not listened to .

Effective communication is not only verbal it also encompasses body language , active listening and effective interaction within a group. Staff meetings when organized and run efficiently can be an excellent example Of effective communication, a staff meeting should give all present the opportunity to add to the agenda and play an active part in putting across their ideas , issues and concerns .

Within residential care the format could be changed in staff meetings ensuring that all staff have ample opportunity to sit agenda items before attending and with the aim of making it less an authoritarian style when an issue is discussed the chair will start the discussion stating the agenda item and will then give each staff member starting from left to right and heading in a clockwise rotation round the room the opportunity to have their input listened to.

This method for facilitating staff meetings solves issues including employees and mangers talking over the top Of someone else trying to make a point , giving an equal opportunity to each employee, regardless of status or how loud they can talk and creating an environment of respect and shared ownership of input into the staff meeting. This co-operation forms good group bonds of trust . Candidate Signature: Assessor Signature: Date: Internal Verifier signature (if sampled): 1. 7 Accountability : The team need to have a clear definition of what is expected of them and support in achieving it.

A clearly defined objective target or goal is easier to achieve as the team are aware of what they are working for to be able to work together as a team you need to make them feel important , encourage input and suggestions , offer recognition ‘rewards organism team tenting and delegate responsibilities . The team need to have the knowledge and training to enable them to do the job , as a manager you need to be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of yourself and your team , the team also needs to realist that they are accountable for their actions .

Be aware that conflict may and will occur as certain team members may disagree with each other at the beginning set ground rules , be sure to address what process will be taken to address conflicts as they are bound to rise and will need to be taken care of before they spiral out of control. Tell our team that everyone’s ideas are valid and that they shouldn’t be dismissed even if you don’t agree with them .

Conflict should be addressed immediately before it can grow, if a discussion grows heated during a meeting do not wait until the next meeting to address the issue discuss the issue while in the meeting , even if the team disagree they are able to see each others points of view , be sure that you understand the perspectives Of every person included conflicts arise when there are different of opinion , but also due to miscommunication or misunderstanding as the manager you should get all he information you can in regards to the conflict so that you can resolve it efficiently and effectively .

If the conflict can’t be resolved during the initial meeting set up a separate meeting with those that are having the conflicts , so that a resolution can be reached without getting the other members of the team involved and taking sides . Even if you are inclined to agree with one side of the conflict do not make a final judgment until each person has had their say ending a discussion without hearing each person out can escalate the problem.