Forecast for such times is essential to gain maximum potential in mimes of plenty and to be able to diversify and concentrate more on new markets as the golfing industry is mainly seasonal sport within N. Ireland, mainly due to poor weather from the early Autumn months to late spring. Bloomberg is aware of the importance of the environmental impact on the planet and aimed to minimize the adversities of pollution. Michael Bloomberg believes that the traditional sources of pollution, such as coal and oil, should be replaced by environment friendly products.

To build more parks and scrounging private car usage is high among significant priorities (Anonymous, 2012). He has donated $2. 4 billion so far to various organizations. Bloomberg philanthropists are working on key areas such as education, the arts, the environment, government activities and public health. Michael Bloomberg, being the Chairman of the CA Cities Climate Leadership Group, in collaboration with the globally largest cities, is working to introduce climate mitigation programs.

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The purpose is to mitigate gas emissions to void the deleterious effects for a green environment. Another investment is made in the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign to reduce the US major polluting coal plants by one third by 2020 (Michael Bloomberg, 2012). Northern Ireland Tourist Board (UNIT), Tourism Facts, 2013. Industry rivalry: With the local area having five local golf courses all with there own in house outlets for golfing equipment and a multi national sports store that also has a share in the local market.