From a young age, Eve been fascinated by the wonders of the world and was often caught questioning things around me. I has always been my desire to study in a field that would constantly provide me a source of fascination to my enthusiastic mind. Constantly seek new challenges and therefore, I think mechanical engineering would be a perfect fit to me as it provides me life- long learning and I relish the fact that I will never know it all which means there is always something new for me to discover.

I am a very creative and artistic person. Creativity is in my opinion a very important characteristic when it comes to mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering has always been the heart of everything in this world. It is the basic and the most advanced branch of engineering without which everything would come to an halt. A mechanical engineer can infuse life into imagination, they can create anything. There are no limitations because this field is vast enough to cover just about everything.

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From our planes, cars and keyboards to water bottles, hairpins and all the intricate shapes in the world . Nothing will work without mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is not just engineering, it is an art. By studying in this field, I would be able to explain the working of the universe and harness natures law to return back to the society, I intend to pursue Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical engineering at a reputable university and then I will continue my studies to Master in Mechanical Engineering.

By doing so, the chance of me getting employed will become high as I will be studying virtually every branch in mechanical engineering from designing to coding. Eventually, I am hoping that I would be able to complete my PhD in Mechanical Engineering while working in a prestigious company. Academically, have always been a very determined and studious individual. My good time management, self motivated study skills and ability to cope with stress are the few qualities that I posses and make these profession suitable for me.

A trait of my personality which I think differentiates myself from other applicants is my creativity. I am a very creative and artistic person. Creativity is in my opinion a very important characteristic when it comes to difficult investigation processes and problem solving. As a teenager still filled with ideas, I am hoping that can garner as much skills, experience and knowledge in any which way I can.