While the crowd was reaching for the ball one of the baseball players were also, unfortunately the ball did not land in the baseball players hands. Steve Barton caught the ball not realizing that he had now gotten himself in a situation that would now become history. Shortly after Barman had caught the ball form the player the crowd began to become more frustrated with him and started chanting terrible things. Barman sat quietly in his seat with his headphone on his ear.

The crowd became furious because of his actions of not responding witched caused them to think that he did not care about what he had done, this is called fundamental attribution error. As the game continued Barman sat uncomfortable because of what had happened. He then turned to his friend and asked her if what he had did was wrong. She simply explained to him that what he had done was not wrong because everyone else was doing the same thing which was aiming for the ball.

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She tried to comfort him so that he would not feel as bad as he did for what he had done. Steve Barman feeling discomfort from his action is called cognitive dissonance. When the game still began to continue more and more fans began to react off of the Steve Barman incident. The chanting began outside of the game and quickly spread throughout the entire stadium. This action from the crowd is called conformity. History was made this particular night and it was a game that everyone will forever remember.