1. Introduction

Top Glove Corporation Berhad founded by the hubby and married woman squad of Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee-Chai, as a company president and Puan Sri Tong Siew Bee, executive manager. Establish in Malaysia in 1991, Top Glove operated with merely one mill with three second-hand production lines. Nowadays, it is known as the universe largest gum elastic baseball mitt maker. Top Glove embarked an impressive enlargement program with the undermentioned place:

World ‘ Largest Rubber Glove Manufacturer


( As at December 2010 )

1. Number of Factories

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2. Number of Production Lines


3. Entire pieces of Baseball gloves Produced ( per twelvemonth )

33.75 billion

4. Number of Employees


5. States of Export


6. Number of Customers


Top Glove was listed on Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur ‘s 2nd board in 2001 and has been successfully promoted to the Main Market of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on May 16, 2002. Top Glove has over 15 old ages of experience in production of latex scrutiny baseball mitts ( HWANGDBS Vickers Research, 2008 ) . It has besides diversified abroad and set up four mills in Thailand and two in China, in add-on to the 12 installations it has in Malaysia ( CIMB Research Report, 2007 ) .

1.2 Company ‘s Core Business

Top Glove ‘s nature activities are fabricating and trading gum elastic baseball mitts, man-made baseball mitts and surgical baseball mitts which are largely used in medical, industrial and nutrient & A ; services industries. With an approximated 80 % of their merchandise is in the signifier of natural gum elastic baseball mitts and the staying 20 % are man-made baseball mitts ( CIMB Research Report, 2007 ) . Top Glove acts as a “ one-stop baseball mitt Centre ” by offering a full scope of services, from fabricating baseball mitt merchandises to packaging, stigmatization, gross revenues every bit good as distribution of finished baseball mitt merchandises through its three primary gross revenues offices in Klang, Malaysia ; Azusa, California and Duisburg, Germany ( HWANGDBS Vickers Research, 2008 ) . About 95 % of the company gross revenues are for the export market.

1.3 Fiscal Performance

Harmonizing to one-year study 2009, Top Glove has successfully achieved the company growing by demoing the addition in net net income for the fiscal twelvemonth. The singular growing of 54 % of net net income in the twelvemonth 2009 as comparison to the twelvemonth 2008 screening that Top Glove to the full utilizes the advantage of its listing as public company to bring forth growing that is good to the stockholders.

2. SALES Analysis

2.1 Gross saless Growth Ratess

Entire gross revenues or entire gross is the first line on any company income statement. This figure is the sum of money that company receives during the specific clip of period. Entire gross is really of import to turn in money into a net income. In the past 5 old ages ( 2005 – 2009 ) , Top Glove has been profitable. The gross revenues growing for its merchandises demoing the addition in gross for the every fiscal twelvemonth.

Top Glove ‘s Gross for the past 5 old ages


Entire Revenue ( RM’mil )













Beginning: Top Glove Annual Report 2010

The gross revenues growing rates ( % ) from twelvemonth to twelvemonth will be calculate as below ;

current gross revenues – old gross revenues

________________________ x 100

Previous gross revenues


Gross saless Growth Rates ( % )

From twelvemonth to twelvemonth

Gross saless Growth Rates ( % ) From twelvemonth 2005
















Exponential maps can be applied in growing procedures. The most widely accepted method in faculty members to cipher entire growing can be represented by the maps ;

Y = a ( 1 + R ) Ten

which ; a = initial sum before mensurating growing

R = growing rate ( frequently a per centum )

ten = figure of clip intervals that have passed

The exponential map in calculating growing rates for Top Baseball gloves are presented as below:

1. Year: 2005

Growth rates ( % ) : 53.50 ( 0.5350 )

Gross sum before mensurating growing ( RM’000 ) : 418.1

Exponential Growth Functions: Y = a ( 1+r ) ten

Y = 418.1 ( 1+0.5350 ) 1

Y = 641.8

2. Year: 2006

Growth rates ( % ) : 54.66 ( 0.5466 )

Gross sum before mensurating growing ( RM’000 ) : 641.8

Exponential Growth Functions: Y = a ( 1+r ) ten

Y = 641.8 ( 1+0.5466 ) 1

Y = 992.6

3. Year: 2007

Growth rates ( % ) : 23.80 ( 0.2380 )

Gross sum before mensurating growing ( RM’000 ) : 992.6

Exponential Growth Functions: Y = a ( 1+r ) ten

Y = 992.6 ( 1+0.2380 ) 1

Y = 1228.8

4. Year: 2008

Growth rates ( % ) : 12.13 ( 0.1213 )

Gross sum before mensurating growing ( RM’000 ) : 1228.8

Exponential Growth Functions: Y = a ( 1+r ) ten

Y = 1228.8 ( 1+0.1213 ) 1

Y = 1377.9

5. Year: 2009

Growth rates ( % ) : 10.97 ( 0.1097 )

Gross sum before mensurating growing ( RM’000 ) : 1377.9

Exponential Growth Functions: Y = a ( 1+r ) ten

Y = 1377.9 ( 1+0.1097 ) 1

Y = 1529.1

2.2 Growth Rates Analysis

53.5 % growing in 2005, Top Glove and the baseball mitt industry confronting an exciting and disputing twelvemonth when unexpected hiking in the monetary values of rough oil and natural stuff. Top Gloves has managed to maintained company public presentation by go oning its aggressive capacity enlargement to capture a bigger portion of the universe baseball mitt market.

54.66 % in 2006, the sting of increasing oil and fuel monetary values continues to vibrate throughout the baseball mitt and health care industry. These two industries feel the most force per unit area in make up one’s minding how to respond in this state of affairs. This is because production cost would be driven up by the increased oil and fuel monetary values which will impacts on the capableness to present the merchandises. Top Baseball gloves still continues to stand in come oning by control over its operation costs and learned to pull off the addition in the cost of oil and fuel monetary values. Each maker can standoff these costs by their ain manner, nevertheless monetary value additions are inevitable ( Jeannie and Dana, 2006 ) .

By the twelvemonth 2007, Top Glove achieved a singular gross growing of 23.8 % to RM1,228.8 million. The growing was chiefly due to the continued increased in client base globally and a higher volume of gross revenues attributed to the increased capacity so that the company succeeds to confront on the addition in operating costs.

In twelvemonth 2008, the growing slows to 12.13 % caused by planetary economic system. It was tough for the baseball mitt manufacturer to go on the concern due to the tight border and merely glove makers with ample economic systems of graduated table can last ( Malayan Rubber Board, 2008 ) . Top Glove decidedly can non be escaped from this phenomenon. However, Top Glove had experienced to confront the current universe fiscal crisis and continues company ‘s ability to turn over the old ages.

Year 2009 shows that the slower growing rate goes to 10.97 % achieved by Top Glove. The company started the twelvemonth with cognizant about a strong planetary demand of baseball mitts particularly in healthcare industry stimulated by the planetary economic recovery. Furthermore, the H1N1 pandemic caused the demand of baseball mitts contributed in unnatural return to all rubber glove makers including Top Glove. Top Glove had adapted good in current economic environment by which its earning was boosted by higher gross revenues and higher costs efficiency ( OSK, 2010 ) .

3. SALES Tendency

Gross saless tendency analysis is a reappraisal of gross revenues during a specified period of clip. It is could be increase, lessening or stay unchanged. The intent of gross revenues tendency analysis is to supervising public presentation and to foretell future public presentation.

Top Glove ‘s gross revenues tendency increased twelvemonth by twelvemonth. It is showed that the company really focused on their nature concern and will fight to keep company ‘s mission as a universe category baseball mitt maker by supplying best quality merchandise every bit good as to toughen their place as the universe ‘s largest gum elastic baseball mitt maker.

Top Glove ‘s gross revenues tendency illustrated with a graph below ;

Based on the graph above, it is showed that Top Glove gross revenues tendency turning over the old ages. The growing might be supported by the high demanded from their client. The rush of demand for gum elastic baseball mitts used for medical and protection purpose forced baseball mitt industry to raise the merchandising monetary value. Similarly, Top Glove besides raised its merchandises ‘ merchandising monetary value to equalise the higher production costs. However, the demand for gum elastic baseball mitts remained and was in fast turning even though the merchandising monetary value was high.

For the 5 old ages, Top Glove continued achieved a singular net income. The planetary phenomena such as H1N1 and SARS pandemic, hiking in the monetary value of oil and natural stuff, conditions, war or universe fiscal crisis which consequence in encouragement in the demand of gum elastic baseball mitt. Additionally, addition in wellness consciousness worldwide besides increases the demand of gum elastic baseball mitt. Top Glove win to accommodate all the hard state of affairs twelvemonth by twelvemonth by their good planning of fabrication procedures and supplying a high quality of merchandise.

4. Decision

As a decision, Top Glove Corporation Berhad continued achieved a singular net income by increasing their gross and gross revenues growing rate from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. The company ‘s show strong gross revenues public presentation was endorsed to high demand for baseball mitts particularly form healthcare industry and emerging market which demand for baseball mitts is expected to turning for a dual figure every twelvemonth. Even though there are more challenges to get the better of, Top Glove positive to increase their singular gross and gross revenues growing rates for every twelvemonth and believe to keep its leading in the planetary market by continue supplying a top quality of merchandise.