Whilst many within the Conservative party still believe themselves to be on he Right of the Political Spectrum it has become clear that under Cameraman’s leadership the Party has slowly but surely edged its way toward the centre of British Politics. We can see that apart from retaining a few Of the traditional Conservative principles the Party has become more liberal in its stance, this could be attributed in part to the Coalition Government but more, in my opinion, to David Cameraman’s personal opinions.

This has left a vacuum on the far-right which has now been filled by SKIP who encompass the traditional Conservative mind-set. We can see however that not all within Cameraman’s’ Party are happy with the centralization and so a number have jumped ship to join Forage’s party. Parallels can be drawn be;en Cameron and his predecessor, Margaret Thatcher: Cameron is a supporter of the free market economy; has voiced his support of foreign investment; supports a competitive market which brings benefits like jobs and cheaper prices.

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Cameron has spoken publicly about the need for the free market economy and said that they were the “best imaginable force for improving human wealth and happiness”. Cameron has invested huge amounts of money into the NASH, to not only make short-term improvements but ensure the future of he publicly-funded health service as an establishment that is a source of national pride. Cameron ‘s passionate commitment to the NASH stemmed mainly from the treatment of his terminally ill son Ivan who died in 2009. This commitment has marked him out from other Tory leaders.

The concept of the NASH opposes the ideals of New Right Conservatism which believes that prevarication of nationwide services such as the health service is the most beneficial path for the country. Throughout his time as the Party leader, David Cameron has repeatedly talked about the “Big Society” which has the idea of Noblesse Oblige’ at its centre. He places strong emphasis upon giving aid to those who are less fortunate which is particularly in-line with Disraeli ideas of One-Nation Conservatism.

Cameraman’s focus on maintaining the Auk’s Welfare System is in direct contrast to the traditional or New Right Conservative view that giving financial/social aid to others makes the people lazy and reliant. Due to the way in which the Conservative party got into Government in 201 0, by forming a Coalition with the Liberal Democrats it could be said that David Cameron is closer to traditional Conservatism in his adhering. His pragmatic approach after the election ensured that his Party did gain power after shrewd dealing with Nick College and the Liberals.