Labeled picture or labeled drawing of your bone doing a typical function (such as bearing weight): Watched Video. Bone Diagram Label the diagram below (Hint: See lesson page 3. ) Questions 1 . What components of real bone tissue did you include in your model? (Hint: See lesson pages 3-4. ) In the video It included the spongy, compact bone, bone marrow and peritoneum. The bone marrow was the newspaper on the inside from the beginning. Then was the spongy bone that was the second layer of newspaper/tape.

Then was the compact bone, which was a mixture of newspaper and wire. Then last was the peritoneum that was made up of the tape to resemble it. 2. What components of real bone tissue did you have trouble including in your model? Why? They had trouble including the canals on the inside. The canals are harder to do as they are small individual canals that would have to be carefully placed. 3. What are the roles of ecosystem, steamboats, and seacoasts in bone repair? (Hint: See the Bone Cell Chart on lesson page 3.

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Ecosystem – Mature bone cell that holds the bone matrix. Steamboats -? The cell that forms the bone. Seacoasts – Large bone cell that absorbs and breaks down the bone matrix. 4. If you had to redesign your model, what would you do differently? If had to redesign the model would put more of a sturdy structure on the inside, like maybe a small piece of wood to give it more support. That way it could take on the functions of being an actual bone and bearing the weight of the book.