List three major situational questions to ask the HRS director, explain why you are asking them and how you think the answers will contribute to the speech preparation. 1) What is the size of the audience? A. Knowing how small or large the audience is will affect your language, choice of appeals, and use of visual aids. B. The answer will contribute to the preparation because depending on the size the larger the audience, the more formal your presentation will be. 2) Ask information about the physical settings of the speech location. A.

Ensuring that the physical settings will not interfere with your audience’s willingness to accept your ideas or listen to you at all. B. This answer will contribute to the preparation and deliverance of the speech because you will have to work harder to adapt to these aspects of your listeners’ discomfort. Being prepared, your audience will see that you are energetic, alert, and involved with your topic, giving you a better chance at keeping your audience engaged.

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