Second: “To be truthful… In all deliberations , therefore is a sacred and absolutely commanding degree of reason, limited by no Peg-131) The main discussion Through-out this debate will be understanding these two arguments and learning to applying them while we explore multiple scenarios. The ability to grasp the concepts of laws and Insistence on absolute rules takes a bold understanding and many will fall short of this sacred reasoning when confronted with “Common sense” for this concept is ultimately misleading it even goes as far as saying some lies are harmless.

There are no such thing as what we call “White Lie”, because the ulterior motive for which these arise do not account for every experience possible. Telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth takes a person with an impeccable capability this person must relieve themselves of all problem that occur from such honest, so help them God that they can forgive themselves. Clark 1 For if you tell a Lie and the following events that happen are negative, you shall forever bear the weight of the consequences you set in motion. So the next time you tell a lie you’re responsible for it!

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