This narrative is related about a 60 old ages old lady who lived in our vicinity. She belongs to a little small town located in the NWFP. Like other childs of the small town, I besides learned holy Quran from her. When of all time I met her I saw deep unhappiness on her face. I am witting this narrative by her permission in her words. ( Names and topographic points are changed to keep confidentiality ) .

I belong to little small town ABC town I born in a household whose living status were really hapless. My household was consisted of my female parent, father, two sisters and my ego. My male parent was a husbandman and used to cultivate the signifiers of other people. I was the younger 1. When I grew up I ne’er got love from my male parent because he wanted a boy, and he insisted my female parent to halt feeding me as she could non pregnant till she feed me.

Unfortunately my female parent did non got pregnant and my male parent used bad linguistic communication for her. He started crushing her for her small errors because she did non produced a boy with the remarks that if I had a boy I would be more comfy and happy because this is the boy who is the protagonist of the male parent and take the household line farther. My two sisters were married and they were happy in their households. When I was 13 twelvemonth old my male parent died in a route accident while traveling to work in the signifiers. The clip of adversity started for us. For 40 yearss our neighbours sent us nutrient three times a twenty-four hours because it is in our civilization. The most hard period started when we have non any thing for eating my female parent started working in khan ( land Godhead ) house to feed me. All the twenty-four hours she worked for them and brought nutrient for me.

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My female parent became weak due to age factor remained sick lying on the bed now she is non able to go on her work. As we have non other beginning of income so I replace my female parent and started working in that house where my female parent working before.

In mean while my female parent seeking for my proposal to go forth the load from her caput. One twenty-four hours she found a 65 twelvemonth old adult male with one married woman and four girls. He wanted 2nd matrimony because he has no boy. I got married to him and shifted to his house. The early yearss of matrimony was pleasant, but after few months I saw the alteration in the attitude of hubby, his married woman and girls. He started crushing and mistreat verbally because I did non pregnant to bring forth boy. The whipping and mistreating become everyday. I become feed up from this state of affairs and went to a physician of the small town and state her the inside informations. She advises me some trial and asks me that my hubby besides go through from some trials. When I com back place I tell my hubby that he besides need to make some trial which the physician advised. As I finished my word, he started crushing me with stick. I left the house and ran off to my female parent. My female parent becomes angry on me that why I left place because I can non afford you what of all time is the state of affairs bears it. But I know if there is any mistake in my hubby he will disassociate me because he will ne’er fault him self for that he can non produced. And he did what I was believing at that place was mistake in the trials and he can non bring forth childs due to age factor so he divorced me. For endurance I started work near by house. After some clip that the boy of the proprietor trailing me and than badgering me. when he exceed than I talk to him that if he did non go forth his bad action than I will state your parents but he did non halt. I told my female parent about this male child but my female parent did non take any notice, and I become worry because for me it was a serious affair. One twenty-four hours when I came back place in the eventide I saw that male child sitting beside my female parent on chirpiye ( bed ) and express joying when she see me she name me to come here and sit with us. after some clip she got up stating that she is traveling to do tea for you people and I know my female parent left us entirely intensely. As my female parent left he said make friendly relationship with me and make what of all time I said to you as consequence you does non necessitate to work in my place will acquire money in your house. It happened reputedly. One twenty-four hours I reached place my female parent was non present at place but that male child was sitting on chirpiye ( bed ) . I ask him delight travel out my female parent is non at place but he is non listening to me and all of a sudden keep my manus and state me I love you much and I want merry with you and your female parent besides want this that why? She left us entirely. It become everyday when he come my female parent left the place. meanwhile one of my neighbours trailing me stating that male child is chat uping with you and I am sincere with you I truly want to get married with you and you can prove it I was already fad up of my life so I trust him asked him to direct you parent he sent but my female parent did non hold after this my trust go more stronger on that male child. One twenty-four hours he told me should run away from place and got tribunal matrimony I agree with him we decided clip and topographic point for run intoing.According to shave I go out from place with small money and decorations which I got from pervious hubby. We reached the metropolis where he took money and decorations to maintain in the bag from here he take me in the waiting room of railroad station and state me to wait her I am traveling to convey tickets for another metropolis. I wait till dark but he has non come beck I become so worry started shouting a white face fungus adult male sitting near by maneuvering me inquire me where are you traveling and why you are so disquieted in tenseness I told him I did non cognize than he said beti ( girl ) where is your place I tell him that I have non any place start shouting he kept manus on my caput and Tell beta those people who have non any 1 they have God. And inquire if you trust me travel with me I have non any kids and I considered you a cherished gift of God as girl and bright me here. One he told me there is few nice proposals for if you want I refused and said I did desire to acquire get married if you want to maintain me than delight let me to learn holy Quran to the neighbour goon kids and I spare my life merely for this intent. They become agree for my felicity.From boulder clay to day of the month I am here


After listening to her I besides became sad and disquieted and I felt her hurting in my bosom. In the visible radiation of literature and treatment in old categories, I would wish to state that. ” The right to life of adult females in Pakistan is conditional on their obeying societal norms and traditions. ” ( Kamal 1997 ) .it was gender intolerance, and favoritism both the girl every bit good as the female parent was affected. It is the dual criterions of our male dominant civilization that a female is non accepted from the twenty-four hours of her birth until she dies. As adult females are about 50 per centum of the universe population, but their birth is till questioned and no organic structure in the place to reply this inquiry, In this narrative both were maltreatment and toured physically, mentally and socially by the society. Here basic right of feeding get down a kid was flawed from the early age and on words, she remained under Federal non merely because of poorness but, besides because of he female sex. In add-on, she be paid her life like a retainer, and after her illness her function automatically shifted to her girl.

In many parts of south Asia including Pakistan, merely adult female is thought to be responsible for continuing following coevals. Reproduction is presumed to be an built-in portion of a stable soldierly relationship with strong desire for boies and the incrimination for the absence of coveted figure and sex of kids is unquestioningly placed on adult female merely, besides typical Asiatic tradition still demands that all matrimonies result in kids sooner male one. ( Sami & A ; Ali, 2006 ) . I agree that in this patrillineal system produces a strong desire for boy to go on the household line and the boies are besides regarded as beginnings of income and security in the old age, and absence this desire become menace for the adult female position in hubby ‘s hone every bit good as in the society taking to assorted effects such as hasband’remarring, divorce, emotional torment, want from her heritage or being returned to her parent ‘s household. This is really apparent in this narrative.

I learnt through this narrative and after through the literature that a cultural tendency of the sex favoritism is non the job of that peculiar country but it is a inclination that exists in all over the state every bit good as the other developing states every bit good.

.We as wellness attention professional if I have an brush to cover such a state of affairs I will give instruction to the parents about the importance of nutrition in childhood every bit good as kid rights in Islam. Our function as wellness attention supplier would non complete until here because it is great duty in our shoulder to be performed. We can advocate parent and household about the fact that male and female have the same rights and powerlessness. We can do ego aid group in community degree to make consciousness in community about gander favoritism. We can compose in intelligence Piper nigrum for authorities to do some effectual policies for adult females empowerment. Although we have the policy for the adult females authorization but impulse is need to be implement

It is besides indispensable that adult females should be cognizant of her rights, and it will merely be possible when she will be educated. I worked in rural country for seven old ages and I observed that authorities did many attempts to better the female literacy rate in rural countries and diverseness is seen but it is still non adequate. If we see the other side of the image adult females ‘s rights consciousness seeps into the privy universe of adult females. But if adult females begin to asseverate their rights, nevertheless tentatively, the response is rough and immediate ; the curve of want from rights has risen parallel to the rise in consciousness of rights.

Second, I came o cognize that at times the patriarchal doctrine that work forces have power and privilege than adult females is possibly the most relentless system of power kineticss through out the ages. This translates to an political orientation that legitimizes the system ensuing in the belief that adult females are the belongings of their partners. For the most portion, adult females bear traditional male control over every facet of their organic structures, address and behaviour with stolidity, as portion of their destiny, ( kamal, 1997 ) .Which leads to domestic force which is seeable in this narrative, as she was beaten for her small errors and abused her physically and verbally. Koenig, et, Al, ( 2006 ) found that 10 % to 69 % of the adult female reported that they had experience physical force from a male spouse. Domestic force is a critical issue for adult females in Pakistan by and large in the rural eara peculiar. In future if I had a opportunity to take attention of the patient from the country I will seek non merely to guarantee the engagement both of the adult male and adult female but besides as apprehension of the adept and perceptual experience of work forces sing married woman maltreatment and force. A batch have been done by authorities and other wellness undertakings to better the wellness position of the rural adult female and decreased the load of domestic ‘s force and the resulting physical and psychological injury. More is needed to be done. To ease adult females for instruction and sceptered adult females to over come this jobs and it will come by making consciousness among them, because surveies showed that “ higher socioeconomic position and higher degrees of instruction among adult females have by and large found to protective ” ( Koenig et al,2006 ) for the consciousness a ego aid group might be helpful.

Fainally I would wish to analyse the most atrocious thing of this narrative which is the early matrimony because when she was married she was merely 13 even she did n’t cognize the significance of matrimony. After matrimony how she went through different effects like physical maltreatment, divorce and separation from female parent for whole life so all these effects is oculus opener issue. For a piece I thought if she would be my girl what would be my feeling and reaction. In add-on matrimony is an understanding between two people and if one of them child will so how could this understanding will along. It was really common in the yesteryear but it is still exciting less normally in our some civilization.

In the last I will mention the statement from the book Islamic jurisprudence and adult females ( 1998 ) since pubescence was accepted by most of the legal experts as the minimal age for matrimony, matrimonies at the age of nine were performed. ( p.57 )

This issue needs great attending of this modern universe where rights resources can play a critical function.