Forty years ago, the word “negro” started to fall out of fashion, it’s a transitional word that fell between “color” the white comforting word and the more militantly sulfanilamide and oppositional word “black”. He continues to make his point by referring to many movies such as ” What dreams may come ‘ and ” The Matrix . He defines A Magical Negro as a saintly African American character who acts as a mentor to a questioning white hero, who seems to be from the community but is adored too much, has an ability to as and do exactly what needs to be said and done to keep the story going right along in the heroes favor.

A candidate to chair the republican National Committee made out a song .NET titled “Barack the Magic Negro”. There was a sense that with the Obama candidacy that it was a time to rebuild, repair, and move forward. Not just towards a postbox h society, but a piscatorial one. Obama at first resisted endorsing this but soon played u p his status as the first insouciance man to pursue and win the democratic preside entail nomination.

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This election triggered paranoia and rage in roughly half the pop ululation (most were entirely white sector immigrants who embraced the idea that “we have to protect or reclaim” our country from them). He continues on with more refer encase to movies where blacks are actually quite influential, not literally magical. He concludes by stating the ” magical negro ” is a glorified walk on role, a narrative device with a pulse, who doesn’t drive the story but is there within w white society not attached to anything.

It is a screenwriters distraction that obscure the characters detachment from the heart Of the narrative and the characters sees essentially decorative native. Part two After reading this article I was actually really confused. I think it woo old have been better if Matt Seller Suite put more of his opinion in it. I just think that here were too many references taken out of the movies it seemed like it was every sent once to me.