The four immature male childs in this film each have their ain household issues that they struggle with. Gordie feels inadequate in his parent ‘s eyes after the decease of his older brother. He does n’t experience like he can populate up to his brother ‘s outlooks. Teddy tries to disregard his childhood hurting, that his male parent is n’t a nice adult male. Teddy tries to gull himself and others that his male parent is a great man.A Vern is the fat, gawky character that is ever being teased and harassed by his older brother and his brother ‘s friends. Chris is smart, but he gets abused by his male parent. He besides has a brother who has a bad repute. Chris does n’t experience like he will be successful in the hereafter.

The book describes what happens to the four male childs over the following twelvemonth. Teddy and Vern sort of spell out on their ain. They make friends with younger male childs whom they boss about. Chris and Gordon both start taking college homework categories. Chris relies a batch on Gordie to do it through college.

Unfortunately, other than Gordon, the immature work forces face prematurely deceases. Vern was killed in a house fire. Teddy was killed in a auto clang while he was under the influence of intoxicant and drugs. Chris may hold been one of the saddest narratives. He was on the route to success, be aftering on go toing jurisprudence school. Chris tried to interrupt up a battle at a eating house and was stabbed while making so. Gordon wrote narratives while in college. Several of his narratives got published in little literary diaries and work forces ‘s magazines. His first narrative and film were successful. Gordon continues to compose other supernatural novels. He gets married and has three kids.

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The film, Stand by Me, is about true friendly relationship and go forthing no adult male behind. Four friends, each holding their ain issues and insecurities, make up one’s mind to travel on a trek to happen the organic structure of a local male child believed to be dead. During this trip they each discover what it means to hold bravery, strength, and a few good friends to endorse you up.

In the bivouacing scene in which Chris breaks down and negotiations to Gordie about his fright of ne’er acquiring out from underneath his household ‘s bad repute is one of the first emotional scenes that bring these two male childs closer together. Gordie besides confesses to Chris about how he feels he ‘ll ne’er be every bit good as his asleep brother. There is no judgement made, no tease for the cryings they shed, merely true, understanding friendly relationship.

When they find the dead organic structure they discuss what they should make. They discuss how it would be published in the documents about them happening the organic structure. The male childs were surprised when Ace and Eyeball show up with some of their other brothers. The four male childs are threatened by Ace and his friends, but when Chris pulls a gun and fires a warning shooting, the older male childs leave. I feel that Chris found an interior strength during the journey with his friends, and he was willing to make whatever it took to protect himself and his friends. I think that ‘s what we all hope for, to hold friends that will stand by you no affair what you ‘re face with.

In this film, I feel like Gordie surely learns the value of life, and the value of decease. The film portrays Gordie ‘s character as one that ne’er truly got to mourn the decease of his older brother. He felt like he was ever populating in the shadow of his brother. It ‘s non until Gordie sees the dead organic structure that he is able to interrupt down and let go of the emotions of losing his brother. I feel like that gave Gordie closing in that chapter of his life. He is able to allow travel of the force per unit area of non being “ every bit good as ” his brother and starts to value his ain life and is determined to do something of himself and turn out that he does n’t necessitate to seek to populate up to his brother, that he is an single with his ain endowments.


As in the book, the film portrays Gordie ‘s doggedness. Gordie overcomes the obstruction of experiencing like he will ne’er be every bit good as his brother. He goes on to non merely acquire a college instruction, but becomes a successful author. He overcame the little town stigma. He did n’t allow himself acquire caught up in drugs and intoxicant like Teddy. He was determined to go forth the little town and do something of himself. With the aid from his best friend, Chris, Gordie did n’t allow his endowment of storytelling travel to waste.