First, it needs to be defined what parallel agencies and so, it will be explained below how it is related to this two narratives. As it is known correspondence are two lines that ne’er intersect between one and another but one has to follow another one to be parallel and they are ever the same long. It is besides known that parallel universes refer to a life outside Earth, a life that human existences can non experiment by themselves and it is people who are non here but we can experience their presence ; it is the life of the decease.

Here is a little reappraisal about what Ellen Foster ‘s fresh negotiations about. It was written by Kaye Gibbons and it is a narrative about a miss, Ellen, who is an orphan. When her parents were alive, they have jobs. For illustration, her pa was a drunker and her female parent had wellness jobs. After they died, Ellen continues with a debatable life ; she should travel from one house to another with different relations and besides people she knows until one twenty-four hours she eventually finds a new ma who takes attention of her and loves her.

The Lovely Bones was a narrative written by Alice Sebold. It is about a 14 years-old miss, Susie, who was murdered in her manner to her house. After that she begins narrating how her household trades with this fact, how her ma runs off from place, her dad attempts to happen the guilty and how her sister attempts truly difficult to go on populating in a normal manner. She narrates facts about what happened before and after her decease from the summerhouse in her Eden.

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Reading these two little sum-ups we discover that both books do non speak about beautiful things, they show us that both characters have to cover with different jobs and they have to demo bravery to diss these jobs. Both are two small misss who even when they are immature, they have fortitude and finding to make non flag and in Susie ‘s instance she has to happen to back up her household from her Eden. Ellen has the opportunity to populate the obstructions of unrecorded and work out them being present but Susie is already decease and she can non take portion in the universe of the life. Even though there is a parallel universe that leads them to happen felicity.

“ Nothing is of all time certain. ” ( p.21 )[ 1 ]it is a quotation mark from the book Lovely Bones and it is told by Len Fenerman, the investigator, and it is what he ever says to SusieA?s household while the constabulary is seeking to happen a guilty. It is related to Susie and Ellen ‘s parallel universes in the sense that in life nil is of all time certain. It can be all colour pink one twenty-four hours and following twenty-four hours person comes to your life and turns it wholly different. It is either a individual or a new, but unexpected things ever go on. This quotation mark is related to Ellen because she ne’er knows where she will be tomorrow, who with and how long. Susie on the reverse, after her decease she knows she wo n’t come back to the Earth but she hesitates where she will be her full “ life ” , since she still has to work on accepting this fact. She asks Franny, her friend in Eden, “ When the dead are done with the life, the life can travel on to other things, ” Franny said. “ What about the dead? ” I asked. “ Where make we travel? ” ( p. 145 )[ 2 ]

Sometimes it is difficult to understand alterations and it is harder when those alterations were non made by our ain determinations. The result of life is most of the clip the consequence of our actions, or at least it suppose to be effects of what we do, nevertheless in some instances this result is modified without our intercession. Mr. Harvey in The Lovely Bones reflects by his Acts of the Apostless, the consequence of what he lived in his hard childhood and so he stops Susie ‘s life. Susie ‘s mistake was merely that she was artlessness and she could non comprehend something was incorrect about George Harvey. In Ellen Foster ‘s instance she does non make anything to merit being excluded and rejected by people, but her parents could non manage with their personal and matrimonial jobs and these caused Ellen some jobs in her childhood excessively.

Related to this point is besides the quotation mark “ You are n’t go forthing, Susie. You ‘re mine now. ” ( Page 12 )[ 3 ]Mr. Harvey said this in The Lovely Bones when he is ravishing Susie and this means besides that Susie wo n’t be in peace, she will be joined to Mr. Harvey for one ground, and it is that she will seek to assist her household to happen the guilty. In Ellen Foster ‘s narrative she is linked to her parents because what they did when they were alive and her relations think she will be the same individual and do the same errors as her parents because she looks like her pa.

Sometimes people do non recognize that what they do has an consequence in other people ‘s life and sometimes even when they know that the manner they behave is non acceptable, they continue making it. There is a though from Ellen where she thinks aloud “ Well I know why you hated my dada but what about me? Why ca n’t you see I am non like him? ” ( pag. 78 )[ 4 ]Peoples should understand that there are facts in which we do non hold the power to wipe out them but non because of this we are traveling to go on populating reiterating the same errors. Ellen ‘s household is seting a load on her shoulders and they are non allowing her to be happy. Unfortunately, our felicity sometimes does non depend of us ; it depends on what person else does.

Ellen says: “ When they came back in they said they had decided what to make with me ” ( pag. 45 )[ 5 ]It is an of import quotation mark that make us believe if our life is our ain life and if we can truly take determinations by our ain or how people handle our life while we grow up. There is showed once more the line in which we want to walk and the line in which we must walk as parallel lines.

In The Lovely Bones the fact that Susie was murdered affects the whole household and most of the clip who feels the load of her sister ‘s decease is Lindsey. For illustration, in the quotation mark “ Lindsey, ” Lindsey said. “ Salmon, right? ” “ Please do n’t, ” Lindsey said, and for a 2nd Ruth could experience the experiencing a small more vividly-what it was like to claim me: How people looked at Lindsey and imagined a miss covered in blood. ( pag. 116 )[ 6 ]

In this quotation mark she is seeking to get away from the shade of her sister, Susie, she does non desire people to see a decease organic structure when she is walking that is why when she went to a Symposium she did non compose her name she drew a fish. She is pull offing to demo strength of spirit in malice of her unhappiness. She uses this strength to back up her pa and her small brother excessively. She is seeking to populate her ain life to accomplish her felicity by making her hereafter and non establishing it on what happened with her sister.

Susie ‘s life was interrupted and in her attempt to accept her slaying she begins populating through her sister ‘s life. Susie says “ At 14, my sister sailed off from me into a topographic point I ‘d ne’er been. In the walls of my sex there was horror and blood, in the walls of hers there were Windowss. ” ( p. 125 )[ 7 ]Susie wants to acquire another opportunity to experiment what normal people live, she would wish to come back to Earth and see how being in high school feels or how snoging the love of your life moves you bosom. Susie does non hold many options, she sees her sister populating her first sexual experience with love and with a individual she chooses. In that minute the parallel universe for Susie is the life she wo n’t hold and the life she has through Lindsey.

We can populate in a parallel universe, in a universe where we do non anticipate to populate but unluckily it is the universe that is was given to us. However, the manner we see this universe is the manner we can modified it in both good and bad waies. In Ellen Foster, the chief character is a kid and even though she does an attempt to see things in a positive manner uniting it we sensible determinations to make non botch more things in her life. For illustration when she says “ I would truly wish to paint them one of my incubation oceans but they would lose the point I am certainly of how the ocean looks strong and beautiful and sad at the same clip and that is truly something if you think about it. ” ( pag.106 )[ 8 ]She is non merely seeking to see beautiful images in her caput at the same clip she is reflecting a though of unhappiness that the world provokes in her and she tries to make up one’s mind what can be the best thing to pull for her cousin and aunt who do non see more things than what is put in forepart of their eyes.

In The Lovely Bones, Buckley, Susie ‘s small brother can non recognize yet what happened with his sister but he knows he wo n’t see her once more. He begins stating his friend he can see Susie around him and he can speak to her excessively. Probably when we are non able to see people we love one more clip we decide that it can be a manner to let go of our feelings by naming on people through memories or speaking to them as if they were here around us. We are non certain if that parallel universe after decease exists but to last to our sorrow of losing a comparative we can retrieve them and love them for our full life. Buckley finds his manner to see an issue for his sorrow, he feels the Susie ‘s albescence but he decides to see more from what it is in forepart of him. Susie relates this portion as a sweet fact that let her cognize her household thinks about her and love her. “ Had my brother truly seen me someway, or he was he simply a small male child stating beautiful prevarications? ” ( p. 95 )[ 9 ]

How we will explicate what life is, how it should be lived and how we find the value of it is a inquiry cipher can precisely specify. Ellen Foster defines it by stating that for her, life is a minute where she can loosen up and experience something pleasance. “ I do non believe of anything but the flowers on the sheets and the bubbles in the bath H2O. This is life ” ( pag. 41 )[ 10 ]She merely think that being in her places the closest significance about life is merely a comfy minute where she can conceive of life is traveling to go better and at least she can bask a piece of clip where cipher is upseting her stating her that she is non welcome and she is non loved.

In both books, heartache and choler is experimented by the chief characters in order to happen their peace and let go of their bad ideas and it is showed in quotation marks such as “ When I was small I would believe of ways to kill my dada ” ( pag.1 )[ 11 ]This quotation mark was said by Ellen at the beginning of the book where she tries to explicate what she feels about her dada. This gives us a hint that he is non a nice individual and in malice of these words, Ellen explains she does non truly hold the purpose to transport out such condemnable thought. Susie by her side besides whish Mr. Harvey ‘s decease and this is non to take retaliation for what he did but it is to halt him and non let him to kill more misss. Parallel universes are what we wish to make however the possibilities there are to make such things can impact our life in a bad manner and these wants are non sensible at all. Happiness is non achieved by impacting other people or making things in which we can repent. Happiness is found by specifying aims and wining to derive a solution to the obstructions.

Susie ‘s felicity is achieved when eventually Mr. Harvey dies and she is non happy for the fact that he dies, she is happy for the fact that wo n’t be able to ache another miss once more. She is happy because her household at the terminal of their hunt they got an reply and now they are certain who the slaying was. Jack, Susie ‘s pa, achieves his felicity when he sees his married woman came back place and he forgives her for being off. After a difficult clip of eight old ages they are together once more as a household holding Susie in their Black Marias and heads everlastingly. Probably for Ellen her felicity besides was to see her pa died, so he was non traveling to ache her excessively as he did with her ma. Ellen ‘s ma disease disappear when she died excessively, after that Ellen does non hold to worry about what her pa can make to her ma, she does non hold to be following to her ma while she is enduring for her wellness. Now, the lone individual who she has to take attention is herself. Ellen besides had to take attention of her ma ‘s ma and even when she bothers Ellen, Ellen does non bear any score and forgive her taking attention of her until she dies. Happiness is followed by forgiveness, merely when we have our bosom in peace without choler, heartache or score we are able to bask what destiny has in shop for us.

As it was said before, one twenty-four hours a individual can come to our lives and alter it everlastingly. In The Lovely Bones, Ruth another of import character in the novel is the 1 who Susie touched when she was traveling to her Eden and it creates a connexion between them. On twenty-four hours Ruth speaks aloud “ I ‘ve written verse forms for you, ” Ruth said, seeking to acquire me to remain with her. What she had wished for her whole life occurrence, eventually. “ Do n’t you desire anything, Susie? ” she asked. ( pag 295 )[ 12 ]Ruth knows and feels Susie life in her universe, Ruth besides experiments the parallel universe composing about Susie ‘s life believing she can be Susie. Ruth believes there is a parallel universe where Susie is and that she can listen to everything she says to Susie. Ruth offers Susie her aid to do Susie life once more what she ne’er was able to populate.

One twenty-four hours Susie felt in Ruth ‘s organic structure and after whishing with all her bosom another buss from Ray, the male child she ever likes, she had that chance. She describes the manner she feels her bosom sizing up when he realizes it is non Ruth but Susie who is following to him. Ray besides gives her the opportunity to see love and felicity, he allows her to do love to him. They spend clip together and Susie accomplishes one of her dreams. At least one of those she will ne’er accomplish.

In the book Ellen Foster, the chief character discoveries hope when she sees for the first clip the adult female she wants as her new ma. “ And the following twenty-four hours was Sunday oh the twenty-four hours I went to church and figured that adult female with all the misss lined up by her had to be the new mamma for me. “ ( pag 98 )[ 13 ]This adult female brings her new outlooks of life and Ellen after holding a battle with her cousin and her aunt makes a determinations to make up one’s mind by her ain, she takes her bags and goes outside to happen that adult female who accepts her and makes her happy.

“ Inside the snow Earth on my male parent ‘s desk, there was a penguin have oning a red-and-white-striped scarf. When I was small my male parent would draw me into his lap and range for the snow Earth. He would turn it over, allowing all the snow collect on the top, so rapidly invert it. The two of us watched the snow autumn gently around the penguin. The penguin was entirely in at that place, I thought, and I worried for him. When I told my male parent this, he said, ‘Do n’t worry Susie ; he has a nice life. He ‘s trapped in a perfect universe. ” ‘ ( Page 3 )[ 14 ]

Alice Sebold wrote this paragraph at the beginning of her book The Lovely Bones, Susie expresses how since she is a small miss she cares about person else ‘s feelings, in this instance the penguin ‘s. She thinks how entirely he can be and her pa tells her the penguin has a beautiful life where cipher can destruct his peace. The penguin can besides hold a parallel universe where he looks rather but snow around him can be the jobs where he is involved. Ellen Foster lives her childhood in this manner, a small miss does non hold anything to be worried about, but that is a prevarication of life. As the penguin was entirely, she besides is entirely in this life but she does an attempt to happen her felicity.

Since we are kids we imagine a perfect universe where we will turn up in a happy environment and we will be happy like in fairy narratives but how close we are to populate in this manner is ever unsure. Sometimes, we ne’er think earnestly that our life can be interrupted or changed drastically and we could non hold the chance to make up one’s mind by ourselves any longer or that all our dreams can travel to the trashcan. Populating through other people ‘s life or through the errors other people did is non something we deserve, that is why when we live in a parallel universe we do non desire for us seeing the life positively helps us to carry through our ends and happen felicity.

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