The nuclear war reminds me of those two because they can both be damaging and sometimes deadly but you have to take the proper precautions such as duck and cover it will make sure that you and our family and others are safe and sound. I know for a fact if had to be involved in the nuclear war or even a terrorist threat that I would be scared out of my mind but also while being scared I will also be thinking to myself “l hope everything they taught us coming up in school about safety when it comes to bad weather and avoiding the terrorist has paid off so that can be safe as well as others” because if not the outcome will not be good.

The thought of knowing that something bad such as a nuclear war is coming but not knowing when it will occur is scary and that is how would feel about the clear war and the terrorist threat because I would be on alert or watching what is happening around me more which would make me paranoid.

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As I think of a nuclear war or a terrorist threat; I believe that everyone will take the proper safety measures to save their lives because they are both a threat to everyone. This movie reminds of the video’s the fire department used to show in school and it would teach us to stop, drop, and roll.