Present weakness and limitation : The smartened and tablet are well developed and being wide used in the world, however, there are still a lot of rooms for improvement. 1. Short battery life Most of the smoothness and tablets cannot run for an entire day without charging. With the big screens and rapid quad-core processors of smartened and tablet, they are always power hungry. (Mark Spontaneous,2014) Also, the batteries become thinner to shrink the size of modern tablets and smoothness which lead to short battery life.

Nowadays, the smartened and tablet do what the computer does. They check the app updates, receiving notifications of new email, social network updates. Even the screens are Off , they are still running too. (Chris Hoffman,2013) 2. Execrable screen The screen of smartened and tablet are easy to appear scratch after using for few months because users finger nails scrape the screen . Also, they are easy to appear a big and conspicuous fissure if they had a hit.

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Many people SE screen protectors on their smartened or tablet to avoid the scratch to appear. However, the screen protector will change the experience of using the touch screen which means that the screen protector is not a good way to solve the problem. ( Chris Hoffman,2014) 3. Low compatibility Smartened and Tablet is not user-friendly for typing because the character images on the keyboard of smartened are too small and compare to these small character, the finger is too big to touch the character so it is usual to yep inaccurately.