Questionnaire on Lebanon users 19 1. Introduction Buy and sell, Lebanon is a French free ads website born in 2006 and which is now in the top 3 of most visited websites in France with a progression of more than 20% in terms of visitors and pages viewed in 2012. This two figures rate had been the same for 12 months at that time and now the company gathers around 20 million people every month. Through this platform, every user whether he is a professional or not can search or create ads for any type of good. The difference with all the other similar websites is that Lebanon. R is a platform that contains diverse categories of ads: cars, hobbies, employment, services, real estate and many others. Moreover, in order to get a more specific search the website allows you to narrow your research by selecting the exact region you are in or are willing to go to. One of the main asset of the company is that its platform is both simple to use, effective and most importantly free of use. In fact you only have to choose the region where you want to find an ad, enter the “title” of the good then select the price range or other specifications then click on “Search” and the research engine will do the rest for you.

To talk about its effectiveness, Lebanon. FRR is roving you hundreds of thousands ads every month and these are, of course, updated regularly. Another important point that we can highlight is the ability to contact directly the owner Of the ad via the platform, So that you can basically buy or sell without having to pay any taxes or subscription fees. Illustration of the platform growth between 2009 and 2011 in terms of unique visitors per day. Figure 1 . Platform growth between 2009 and 2011 in terms of unique visitors per day.

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We can see the rapid expansion of Lebanon. FRR as an expression of French resourcefulness, this state of mind which encourages mutual assistance between people and pushes you find the better solution. This way, the company became the leader in the car and real estate markets because you interact directly with the private seller without any intermediaries. The outstanding growth of the platform which made it one of the most if not the most popular small ads website among French people is the reason why we chose this company to work on. 2. Homework chapters 2. 1 .

Business modal analysis: external and internal 2. 2. 1. 2. 2. 2. 2. 1. External analysis Lebanon is an online platform. It has an important function evaluation of market prices for many goods. It main competitor is the US online auction site eBay. Concerning French market, its most important competitors are parvenu. FRR or radian. FRR or eviscerates. FRR. The main value added of Lebanon is that for its creation, it got a very good brand reputation. As a classified site, it is the leader in France with more than as 17 million of view per months. As detailed after (part 2. ), Lebanon’s customer segment is a French speaking person, looking for buying of selling staff at cheaper prize. The SOOT analysis for Lebanon is: Strengths -Convenient and simple to use -Classified by departments in France A variety of choices of goods and services -Precise target Weaknesses -No secure payment guaranteed -Sellers and buyers are anonymous Opportunities -The use of internet as an essential tool -C to C operation pattern -Purchasing power of the French market The retreats -Government regulations -Competition from other similar websites -Fear from consumers of scam Figure 2.

SOOT analysis of Lebanon 22. 1. 2. 2. 2. Internal analysis: business canvas model For the internal analysis, we have create the following business canvas model: Figure 3. Business canvas model of Lebanon There are Strengths and weaknesses for each pare 1 . The customer segment: – Strengths: Lebanon have a better localization system compared to e-Bay and Scraggliest and a very good brand reputation. – Weakness: it is not available outside of France or for French-speaking persons and persons that don’t use internet. 2.

Value proposition: – Strengths: there is no registration needed, this encourages people to use the website. Moreover, Lebanon’s customers are very loyal. – Weakness: there are not enough categories to classify the search, you have to spend a lot of time for looking. There is no possibility to give mark or appreciation for the one you had deal with. 3. Channels: Strengths: Lebanon is free and easy to access or use wherever you want. Weakness: good quality of the staff you buy/sell is not guaranteed and payment problems are not handled by the company. 4.

Customers relationship: – Strengths: it is very easy to use, the interface is really intuitive. Moreover, the automatic data base create less work for the staff. – Weakness: there is no possibility to call them in case of trouble. There is no English version of the site. Finally, it is impossible to control everything post on the ad. 5. Revenue stream: – Strengths: the platform is local, effective, and powerful and contains simple ads. It meet the needs of professional service and consumers. Because it is not charged for ordinary consumers it is more attractive. Weaknesses: the revenue sources still have space to develop, especially to expand the scope of E-commerce. 6. Key resources: – Strengths: Lebanon has an amazing increase of its workforce (1 people in 2006, +350 nowadays). For 6 months, there is a new CEO who will bring innovations because of his own experiences, knowledge and skills. Weakness: it only concern the higher salary costs. 7. Key activities: – Strengths: it is almost impossible to fraud or to sell illegal goods. It attracts ore and more companies and so increase credibility and reputation. – Weakness: the payment is not handled by the website. 8.

Key partners prt dilation: – Strengths: this is a P to P business, a new way to enlarge the scale of investment into the company. – Weaknesses: it is also an emerging industry which still lack in experience; the credit risks and scams. Technology providers consultants: -Strengths: it make good use of the digital tools. It increase the ability of innovation and of data analysis. Professional partners or user by mouth to mouth speaking: -Strengths: provide more products and services and so create more attraction o consumers. Public and welfare organizations: -Strengths: it create a very good reputation for the brand. 9.

Costs structure – Strength: there is high standard of salary which attract more technical and professional people to join the Lebanon. – Weaknesses: not enough fees for the rating system and security guaranteed. 2. 2. Market study and persona development 2. 2. 1. Market Persona During this part, the purpose was to define some marketing persona. It means, to create different profiles of people who use Lebanon. To achieve it, we have followed this methodology: – Firstly, preparing the questions: after a rainstorm we have decided which questions we want to ask to people in order to know their behavior on Lebanon’s website.

You can find the questions posted on the annex A – Then, finding the market: we have decided on which market we want to focus in order to have a real picture of the population. We have divided the market on several points: age, geographical location, basic profiles of typical buyers and sellers… -Conducting the interviews: all of us have interview two persons in different market we have decided previously. – Analyzing the results: the results of our interview had allow us to provide tree marketing persona. Here are our results: Jean Bouncer He is a 23 years old student, single and lives in Angers.

He mostly uses Lebanon to buy staff. Because he is a sportsman, he usually buys consumer goods related to his hobby (bike, equipment… ). He uses the mobile app, generally every month. The reason why he uses Lebanon is because it’s cheaper and there is a lot of choices. He can be interested in a home delivery because he buys his goods from all over the country Anne Enemy She is a 47 years old married woman who lives in Paris. She has two kids and is a French teacher. Mostly she buys household equipment and sell used hillside’s clothes. She always goes on Lebanon’s website on her computer, generally 3 or 4 times a year.

The reason why she uses Lebanon because it is cheaper. She is not interested in a home delivery because she doesn’t trust internet payments Justine Dodd He is a 58 years old man, married with 2 kids and 1 grandchild. He lives in Lie and is a car rental. The reason why he uses Lebanon is for both buy and sell staff because of his professional activity. Indeed, he buys old cars or wrecks and sells them after repairs. Concerning Lebanon, he both uses his computer or Mobile app, every day generally. He uses Lebanon because there is a lot of choices and bargain to make.

Finally, he is not interested in a home delivery because he doesn’t need it. 2. 22. User persona In order to create a typical profile of a Lebanon’s user, we have made researches on internet. Here are our finding: -Concerning the audience because of age: Audience because of age group Age Audience (in thousands of seen) Reach (in %) 1 5-24 2949 39,8 25-34 3961 50,8 35-44 4441 53,1 45-54 3861 50,6 55+ 4268 37,4 Table 1 : source:http://www. Journalese. Com/media/publishers/audience- Lebanon. SHTML Most people who use Lebanon are middle age, between 25 ND 50 years old.

Because of their age, people are not looking for the same thinks: Younger are looking for games, clothes, pets Adults are looking for flats, cars, houses Moreover, the channel of using depend of the age too: indeed, for young people, especially those with higher education use the app whereas mid-aged and old people use it on a computer. -Concerning the geography: Audience because of geography area East Paris 1617 49, 6 West Paris 1767 45, 1 East 1713 49,8 Mediterranean 2221 39,7 North 1522 57,5 West 2461 52,4 South East 2565 48, 9 South West 2849 50,2 Table 2: source:http://www. Journalese. M/media/publishers/audience- Lebanon. SHTML People who mostly use Lebanon are on the north and west region on the France. This can be explain by the France history. Indeed, this two regions are close to the sea and to they use to haggle with each other. Lebanon provide use a new way of centralization where they can haggle. – Concerning the salary: Audience because of salary Salary Reach (in 70) 0-11999? 1163 40,9 12000-16999? 2134 41 17000-23999? 3475 46, 3 24000-35999? 5939 47, 4 36000-54999? 5010 47,5 55000?+ 1758 43, 9 Table 3: source:http://www. Journalese. Mom/media/publishers/audience- ebonies. SHTML Because of this table we can see that there is no real relation between people’s salary and Lebanon’s audience. It means that everyone use Lebanon. Off course they don’t expect the same thing from it. People who have less money would like to earn money by selling staff they don’t need or buy thing with cheaper price. On the contrary, rich people mostly use Lebanon for the pleasure to bargain. All of this results allow us to create a typical user Of Lebanon: For the unprofessional user: he is a man living in north region between 35 and 44 years old with middle revenues.

For the repressions user: it is a very little companies with no website or rental company. 2. 3. Proposition of a new business model Today the main issues for Lebanon are: Create a security payment in order to target new market Avoid scams by creating a rating system for sellers Increase footprint in the professional car, real estate market and recruitment network Improve user experience Propose strategy against competitors Remain leading online classifieds website position in France Figure 4.

New business canvas model of Lebanon Although Lebanon is very popular in France, concerning the current equines model, it still has some problems. So we propose a new business model includes the recommendations and solutions to make Lebanon better. 1 . The customer segment: For buyers, it’s important to keep localization but the English version is needed for people who live France without understanding French. For sellers, it’s a good choice to include more professionals like car dealers, real estate agency and recruiter. . Value proposition: It’s important to keep what Lebanon has already proposed, but the development is needed obviously. First, a much clearer category is needed to become more convenient. The website is supposed to present more sub category name. Less a way to develop service also. Second, the website need to be more credible. As an E-commerce and classification website, it’s really essential to reduce scams and insecurity. Before the transaction, ifs important to ensure the scams are not going to happen.

Also, a security payment can be created as for enlarging the service range. Finally, innovation can be proposed as for encouragement for providing more services, like some automatic systems for searching for professionals or to check if the advertisement is fake or not ,which has been created and used by a Chinese localization called 58 Tong Change. 3. Channels: First, a SEE of the official website is needed. Lebanon should become much easier to use. It’s a way to improve sales channel. Second, the website should give more support to the e-mail campaign.

According to the current situation, ebonies doesn’t attach much importance to the e-mails. A good design and more advertisements e-mails are needed as to ensure the customer loyalty. Finally, methods like providing possibilities to give marks and appreciation, or share shopping experiences are necessary. Creation of an online communication forum can be much better. 4. Customers relationship: Providing more ways for customers to communicate with each other, its a way to improve user experience.

What’s more, the contact information of Lebanon now is not efficient enough. It’s a good choice to highlight the official phone number and the official email and so on. 5. Key resources: Lebanon has the base of online platform and infrastructures. But as to attract more employees, the salary cost is quite high. As for this problem, it’s necessary to make a reasonable and different salary range for different jobs. For example, the salary for technical and innovative persons can be somehow Geiger compared to the workers. 6.

Key partners: Besides the current partners which have already brought benefits to Lebanon, the website should also build partnership with web portals like Yahoo or other French web portals. It’s useful to attract more customers and to target new markets. On the other hand, it can be a useful way for the website to become partner with some telecoms operators or other professional sector as to ensure the identity authentication to reduce scams. Finally, creating partnership with other classification websites is also important. Cooperation is another kind of competition strategy 7.

Key activities: The main functions Of Lebanon like providing platforms for ads, giving support to deals and ensuring the goods and services are legal are still needed as to maintain the leader statue. However, it’s good to include more services. And concerning the problem that the payment is not handled by the website, maybe this can be innovated by creating a security payment platform like Lippy. 8. Revenue stream: The revenue of Lebanon should come from three main channels. The first one is from professionals who have great desire and demand.

The second is from the sponsors as to present more ads for themselves. The last is from the users who want to stay among the top of the lists longer. What’s more, Lebanon could provide possibilities for users to pay for special services which are not so frequently demanded like wedding celebration and so on. 9. Costs structure: Besides some obligatory fees and communication fees, Lebanon should also spend more on rating system building, the security guaranteed and other innovation activities. 2. 4. CRM strategy Today, customer relationship management has become a true factor of growth for e-commerce.

Having one or multiple CRM tools is essential to benefit from a 3600 vision of your customers. This is even more important today when we see an expansion of communication channels and an intensification of interactions between customers and e-commerce companies. This step is strategic for every e-commerce which wishes to: prospect new clients, develop loyalty of existing customers, get a better understanding of those customers and create clusters to target them more easily and efficiently but also to increase customer satisfaction in general.

By integrating data linked to your customers, orders or products in your CRM strategy you will benefit from an enriched vision of your clients. All these information are useful in order to have more precise campaigns and then deliver to the identified segments a personalized and relevant message. 2. 3. 2. 4. 2. 4. 1 . Create push notifications for the mobile application of Lebanon. FRR Because mobile phone now represents more and more volume of interactions between an e-commerce company and its customers, the goal of this action is to create different groups of users to send them personalized push notifications.

Actually the customer needs attention even after the use of the platform to remind him about offers he checked for example and that loud still be interesting for him. If not to remind him about what he missed or what could he be interested in then use these notifications to get to know him better and ask him about his satisfaction level regarding the platform, the seller or anything that could potentially benefit the company. This kind of attention is the one that can make the difference when it comes to developing your customers loyalty.

This way the customer can get back to Lebanon if his use was not fully satisfactory and then the company could add up all this feedback in order to increase customer satisfaction by making omen changes depending on how much people have one kind of problem. For instance when a customer buys something on the platform he receives a notification on his phone asking him: “What did you think of the seller? ” or “Did you have any trouble using the platform? ‘ 2. 4. 2.

Create an official Backbone page as well as a Twitter account Currently the company does not have an official Backbone page or Twitter account but it does have the “Backbone connect’ button which allows customers to share a specific ad with their friends or relatives. Going further by creating official accounts would argyle benefit the website in terms of interactions with its users but it is also a good way to get feedback, to follow the virtual growth of your platform but also to manage customer satisfaction.