Its unique selling proposition is customer satisfaction, which is crucial and advanced among appliance companies. It has a wide product range in the field of home appliance, which is easier for Hairier to meet customers demand. Weaknesses The company image to some extent is negative since the quality of products is still controversial, at least not totally approved by public yet. As a foreign brand, Hairier is undoubtedly harder than other American companies to integrate into local society and culture.

Opportunities Social changes and market trends tend to match what Hairier focus. People in America tend to enjoy and demand more home appliance as economy develops and living standard is improved. Wine cellars, home laundry, refrigeration appliances and freezers which Hairier is good at are accepted and needed by home users. Comparing with other major brands in America, Harrier’s price is more attractive in a same feature level. Opening a factory in

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South Carolina is beneficial to enjoy better governmental policies and benefits such as lower tax, comparing with import from other countries. The rats political factors sometimes may be an issue when Sino-U. S. Relations are not stable. As a Chinese enterprise, it is easy to be affected. Foreign competitor companies such as LAG and Samsung entered America Market earlier than Hairier did, which will affect market share to some extent. The American market is still dominated by local companies such as GE and Whirlpool.