Good examples of this are ketchup, a single one-cup serving of ketchup contains 40 grams of sugar in it. Also baked been contain 15 games of sugar for every one- cup of sugar. Even a thing like “reduced” ranch dressing contains 58 grams of sugar per one-cup serving. Some people would read those stats and have a heart attack, but if you have every questioned all the bad publicity gets from today’s society and done a little digging and come up with research of their win they would see that sugar is not such a horrible thing.

Through cellular respiration cells turn sugars into sucrose which is a storage protein from the cell that takes all the energy from the sugar molecule and holds it until the cell needs it too do some sort of work and its particular job. (Clarke, 2014) Just like everything things are good in moderation, too much sugar can lead to increased body weight clogged arties and a higher risk of diabetes just to name a few. Overall too much sugar in a diet leads to an unhealthy body.

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However a good balance is key with almost everything and the same can be said about sugar intake. A lack if sugar intake can leave your body feeling depleted and weak as it is a vital energy source for your cells which must strain much more without this big contributions in most diets. (Helmsmen, 2014) In the experiment a hydrometer is used to determine the amount of sugar in each chosen substance. You would put one of the chosen substances in a graduated cylinder, which you would then put the hydrometer in.