With this description I can see the strange parole in the young girls eyes and even how she was killed. The second example that has a very well written description is when he describes Carl Marl. Carl Marl has a picture e in the newspaper. The author describes his picture by saying, ” It showed a rather as doodling boy with an olive complexion and dark eyes and pockmarks on his nose. ” This des corruption helps me visualize the way Carl Marl looks in some ways and have a very vivid i mage of what he looks like.

The third example I have for well written description. The auto r is describing the next strawberry spring that the main character is living through. The taut or describes this strawberry spring by saying, ” the mist was already beginning to creep out of the fields and hollows, blurring the lines of the buildings and putting fairy haloes around the street lamps. ” I thought this description also gave me an idea of what the main character in t he Story is seeing and how he knows its strawberry spring. I like this description because it has an almost eerie feel to it.

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Stephen King used literary elements to give us details of what was happens Eng in the story. The first literary element he uses is foreshadowing. In the beginning of the SST ROR the main hereafter talks about how the words in the newspaper are taking him back. T his foreshadows what happens at the end. The paper says that a girl has been killed on the En w Sharon campus. Which is where the main character used to go to school, and the pap err is taking him back to the last strawberry spring when he murdered all those girls.

The sec ND literary element is mood. The author uses the mood to show the effect strawberry SP ring is having on the New Sharon campus. The author describes the eerie fog and how its movie Eng silently and making things odd and unusual. The snow was melting and it was raining. HTH s was the reflect timing for the murder because all the snow was gone so he wouldn’t eave any tracks and the fog was thick and could easily hide something as horrible as murder.

The last literary element was the setting. The story seems to be in a small town where things like murder were unlikely. It takes place in the past, March 16, 1968 is when the author says the story takes place. The story is located at a college. The New Sharon campus and there ha pens to be a strawberry spring (which is rare) taking place. There is lots of fog and the son w has melted. Then the murders start taking place and its become a creepy place to be.