Customer Customers will help grow our business Utilize customer’s property to make a profit 25% Customer that allows us to place solar panels on them will be measured and increased each year. Increase our customer base Our customer base each year 15% Customer satisfaction increased Yearly survey showing the results 1% 3% Internal Processes -> Place panels on customer property Customers with solar panels on their property Panels placed on customer’s property and feeding back to our new location that will store the energy to be resold to others.

Open need department and hire employees Department opened and increase of employees Develop a storage of energy location Building built to store energy from customers 100% Learning Make needed changes after each year Improve on issues that occur 10% Environmental savings will be helped by not needing to use natural resources of the time. Our employee’s satisfaction will increase as we get bigger and provide training to help improve our business. Employee satisfaction increased Help save the environment .

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