Especially if this is applying for a tech company because the process depends and is all in the knowledge, the employees ability that are the ones to omelet company efficiency, Skills, innovation, and most importantly ultimately, along with all the achievement financially. Question 2) washes the meaning behind the “search for the purple squirrel” in relation to spotting talent? Is this relevant to non-tech companies, as well? Discuss.

The meaning of the small phrase the purple squirrel is supporting the idea of saying that the perfect employee for a companies success doesn’t exists or at least is very difficult if not impossible to find. I believe that this relates to non tech companies as much as it does to tech companies. All the impasses want to hire the perfect employee when it comes to hiring someone new. Like a tech business does is that they are looking for the perfect employee that is like a wizard in technology, like a auto dealer is looking for the perfect sales man that is good in talking to customers and is good in marketing, and sales.

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And an Idea that I would do is for an interview set up a plan like a situation of the work that they are applying for. For example if applying for the auto sales then make a set up where the guy being interviewed gets the chance to treat a customer and see how they Andre the situation that would be a more effective way of seeing the talent of that person not just what it says on the resume. The purple squirrel in relation to spotting talent is basically the term of the background and there qualifications.

They have to be well talented with the subject they are applying for. For example if they are applying for a general manager position they have to have great background on managing a company and have saved that company money and managed it successfully. The purple squirrel is a term used from recruiters when in the hunt for a perfect candidate one who exceeds all expectations and is perfect for the job. Question 5) Put on your “creative” hat. You’re in charge of HRS at a tech start- up. What suggestions can you come up with for “spotting talent?

I am in charge of a tech start-up I can come up with some suggestions for spotting the talent. Explain yourself before you hire Hiring successfully begins with explaining who your are and what your role in the company you play. Then explain what you are looking for in a person their talents. Low salary in exchange for work arrangements Because you are a growing company you can’t offer a big salary but that isn’t mean you don’t have an advantage over other big companies which is self work arrangements that is something that will make them look beyond the low salary.

Because in today’s world people are more attracted in jobs that are flexible for them because there is so many things to do. Give more intangible benefits Provide outstanding training and development opportunities. Give opportunities to those that receive certifications because there are less expensive and are as motivated to learn than those that are well known and are professionals that are expensive to hire. Create a fascinating workplace.

When it comes to the workplace give what you can to the employees to keep them happy and offer what other companies have by employing those less expensive employees rather than those that cost a fortune for example take a therapist for your employees to talk to or solve any problems this will draw attention to those professionals and make them want to work in this job in regards to the salary’. What you offer Because you are a Start-up, you can’t offer top talent all the benefits that a big corporation does, button have the advantage to offer purpose and a well legible job.

Individuals like to start in a start up because they like the effort it takes, they know that they are closer to the owner and treats there employees much better than a big company does. And start ups offer the best work environment than any other company does. Always keep recruiting and alert If you’ve filled all current positions don’t stop looking for the purple squirrel. If you don’t have an opening lets say that one of your employees dies. You will have many people interested and ready for replacement. Other than offering only a big salary offer opportunity as well.