Some things that contributed to Sarah’s attitude towards her curfew was peer pressure. I think that if it wasn’t for the peer pressure, Sarah would not have went out at all and would have stuck with her curfew. Peer pressure I think is the main cause of what teenagers do and what they do not do. A lot of teenagers are follow what is popular and sometimes they do not think of the that consequences can happen after they do something.

I think that Sarah went with the peer pressure as they will all trying to get her to stay and liking to Jake, I believe did not help with making the right decision of not going home one time. I think that Jake was attracted to her because of the person she is and he liked that kind of person. They seemed to get along good and had something in common, which is a Start Of attraction. Another reason is that he could have been drinking but I do not think that this is the case in this situation. The fight was a social interaction of the night.

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Usually hen you are interacting and at a party someone always thinks that they are the “big shot” and has to be tough and that’s when fights start. When certain people at a party always try and be the central of attention and it always ends up with a fight or drama. Sarah’s behavior was influenced by the throughout the night as she was enjoying her night of being out and that they kept begging her to stay. As, when she saw Jake and started talking to him is when her responsibility went out the window and she was influenced by pressure f her peers.

Sure Sarah could have made better decision on how her night ended up but I think that when you are restricted all the time to certain times is when you act out. Also with her being a good kid and doing good in school gave her more of a reason why she thinks she should have stayed past her curfew, not thinking she would get in to trouble. As someone that is always a good kid never thinks of the consequences and thinks that it would be easy to get out of trouble.