On social sites you build relationships as you please. You’re never forced into any awkward situation, you can vent your problems, and you can laugh at the ins of others. Much like they do yours. My definition of social media varies from the previously stated one. Define a social network as a place where ideas, cultures, laughs, angers, and tears can be shared. A social site is all about getting in touch with people you know, slightly know, and absolute strangers. You connect with people across the state, nation and world.

Social Medias allow new openings for everyday people. Not everyone can travel thousands or even hundreds of miles to get in touch. In today’s world, technology is everything. People argue social sites take away hand-on social skills. But at the same time, they can build them. If you meet someone over a social site before in person, you save the awkward silences and the thoughts of if you should get comfortable with someone or not. Essentially, a social site is the backbone of our current society.

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With technology becoming more advance, these sites allow us to put it to its full use. With updates on APS every 2 weeks to a month, we test out how well our and how far our technology has come. Social media is what allows us to travel across nations without leaving our home. We can experience and relate to other societies without spending undress and likely thousands of dollars. Social media is what allows us to free ourselves from an everyday stress, and be who we always dreamed we could be.

Hogwash, this essay seems. But these are truths. Social networking isn’t something the youth has created to shut out their parents, or something used to create drama. Social networking was created by adults, and taken on and pushed further by the youth. Social networking was created to do just that, en;rook. Connect.