Conflicts are important for the development of the secret plan in a drama or a novel. A struggle is a difference between ideas, thoughts, rules or people that arises from a difference of sentiments and hence societal struggles are differences between households, friends, relationships and societies. Dialogues are words spoken by characters in a book or a drama and it is a technique that has been used by both writers to convey out struggle since it brings out the feelings of different characters in the books. In this essay I intend to demo how the authors have portrayed societal struggles through the usage of duologue.

Social struggles are shown to hold been caused by societal categories in the House of the Spirits since we can clearly see from the beginning that there is a battle between the higher and the lower category for power. For illustration we see struggles between the patron and the provincials of Tres Marias since the patron thinks the provincials are non deserving anything and can non take duty of any work. This is shown when Esteban and Pedro Segundo Garcia have a duologue ;

“ ‘The left ‘ , he said

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‘What ‘s your name? ‘

‘Pedro Segundo Garcia, sir, the adult male replied ‘

‘I am the frequenter here now. The party ‘s overaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦I do n’t desire any defaulters or smart-alecks around, you understand? ‘ ”[ 1 ]

From the above quotation mark we see that Esteban thinks that the people from lower category are idlers and do non desire to work hard. We can experience the stamina in Esteban ‘s voice when he is speaking to the provincials. The struggle between the higher category and the lower category is shown from the fact that the higher category could make anything without holding the fright of being caught. An illustration of that is when the author says ;

“ The provincials hid their girls and clenched their fists impotently because they could non face him. Esteban Trueba was stronger, and he had impunity. ”[ 2 ]

From this the author hints us about the power upper category position comes with and that ‘s why Esteban could make anything and therefore provincials hid their girls from Esteban.

Family struggles in The House of the liquors are portrayed as the rhythm of force in the book. The Trueba household and the Garcia household ever had nerve-racking dealingss in the book. This is besides brought out through duologue, for illustration when Alba was arrested by Esteban Garcia we see the undermentioned duologue ;

‘I want to travel to the bath room, ‘ Alba repeated

‘I see you are merely every bit obstinate as your gramps, ” Garcia said ”[ 3 ]

Garcia tells Alba that she is every bit obstinate as her gramps who is Esteban Trueba, this shows us that there still exists a acrimonious relationship between the two households and Esteban Garcia wanted to take retaliation of what Trueba did on her granddaughter. The rhythm of force is besides shown when Alba says ;

‘Afterward the grandson of the adult female who was raped repeats the gesture with the granddaughter of the raper, and possibly 40 old ages from now my grandson will strike hard Garcia ‘s girl down among the hastes ‘

Family struggles in Antigone are portrayed as difference in sentiments because the manner the conflicting characters used to look at things or judge them in the drama was non the same. As we know they are differences in sentiments between Antigone and her sister, Ismene and besides between Antigone and Creon. We besides see clangs between Creon and his boy Haemon. First the struggle between Antigone and Ismene brought out two contrasting adult females of that clip. Ismene who was portrayed by the writer as an ideal adult female of that clip and while Antigone was portrayed as the exact antonym of Ismene. This can be shown in one of the duologues where Ismene says,

“ If we break the jurisprudence and dice for it,

Our shame will last everlastingly.

Womans are non made to conflict work forces. ”[ 4 ]

To which Antigone responds by stating,

“ You ‘ve made your pick but I will bury him,

And I will welcome decease in making it. ”[ 5 ]

From this we can clearly see that Ismene is timid and is scared to interrupt the Torahs made by the work forces who she thinks are superior to her. Whereas Antigone is of an self-asserting nature and is non scared to interrupt the Torahs so as to obey the Gods and esteem the dead.

The struggle between Ismene and Antigone was brought out through the construction of the duologues. Throughout the statement we largely see long addresss from Antigone while Ismene merely speaks her point in one line. This shows us that Antigone was confident of her base and was non traveling to endorse out of her program but on the other manus Ismene was non interested with what Antigone said and thought she is inferior and hence she should non interrupt the jurisprudence. This really brings out the difference in the sentiments of the two adult females and hence I believe that is what caused the struggle.

The struggle between Antigone and Creon was portrayed as conflict between adult male and adult female because Creon could n’t accept licking from a adult female. Harmonizing to me this struggle brought out subject of male jingoism since Creon could n’t acknowledge that a adult female had broken the jurisprudence and was traveling against the work forces. This is shown when Creon says ;

“ When I am alive no adult female shall govern ”[ 6 ]

Besides I think this struggle brought out the battle between the Torahs made by Creon and the Torahs of God. This can be seen in the drama when Antigone says ;

“ Your jurisprudence. Not the sacred jurisprudence. The Gods.

That regulation among the dead have issued no

Such announcement. A adult male can non wipe out

The Torahs unwritten. Can non alter the unchanging ”[ 7 ]

This shows us that Antigone believes that the Torahs made by god give everyone a right for proper entombment but Creon on the other manus believes Polyneices is a treasonist and does n’t hold a to be buried. Creon ‘s determination can be justified to a certain extent by the fact that he is the male monarch and hence he can non let personal prejudice to impede his determinations.

The author creates two symbols male and female through the struggle between Creon and Antigone by portraying two different sexes contending against each other and hence this struggle really takes the signifier of male vs. female in the book.

Similarly there is a portraiture of a male chauvinist environment in The House of the Spirits which besides brings out this societal struggle. As we all know that Nivea used to keep mass meetings with other fellow adult females to contend for the right of adult females. The fact that it was a male chauvinist environment can be proved when Ferula and Esteban say the followers in the book ;

“ ‘I would wish to hold been born a adult male, so I could go forth excessively ‘ she said, full of hatred

‘And I would non hold liked to be a adult female, ‘ he said ”[ 8 ]

This shows that adult females at that clip were non allowed to travel out and work and populate their ain lives as is the instance with Ferula who has to look after her female parent because of her gender.

The portraiture of this struggle ( male jingoism ) in both books brings out two similar characters in both books and they are Creon and Esteban Trueba. They both believe that adult females are supposed to look after the house and raise kids and should non be included in the so called affairs of the work forces. This is shown by the writers of both books, for illustration when Creon says ;

“ If I must fall, a adult male will convey me down,

Let no one say, Creon gave his power to a adult female ”[ 9 ]

Sophocles brings out strong emotions of Creon through this quotation mark which show us that Creon can non accept licking from a adult female. I believe Creon was angered and his assurance was hit when a adult female challenged him and faced him bravely.

Besides in the House of the Spirits Esteban Trueba says ;

‘Their responsibility is motherhood and the place. At the rate they ‘re traveling, the following thing you know they ‘ll be inquiring to be deputies, Judgess – even President of the Republic! ”[ 10 ]

Esteban believes that adult females do non hold any work outside places and their lone work is to bring forth kids and expression after them which really brings out his male chauvinist character.

This tells us that both Esteban and Creon had the same positions about adult females and this led them to sabotage the power of adult females and in both book it is clearly seeable that both work forces are affected enormously by the adult females in their lives.

To sum up I think duologue has played a really large function in conveying out societal struggles in both books because it has brought out the emotions and the ideas of characters in the books which help the reader to cognize what traveling on in the characters mind at that peculiar clip and therefore it is easier for readers to analyze the cause and the kineticss of different societal struggles.