A. R. In an article called “Shadow Prisons” on www. Suasion. Net, a multi- platform media website, it states, “Today, the Bureau of Prisons’ contracts provide more taxpayer dollars to private prison companies than facilities run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the last five years, the novo largest prison companies have made nearly $2 billion in revenue from their CAR prison agreements” (fusion-net) In order for the private prison companies to keep making money, that have to keep their prisons occupied.

This means they will keep immigrants locked p for as long as they can, whether it is just or not. On top of that, there is also a very high rate of inmate abuse that occurs inside the walls of these facilities. In an article on Wausau. Org called “V’/aroused and Forgotten: Immigrants Trapped in Our Shadow Private Prison System”, it states, “Prisoners are reportedly threatened with isolation, and sometimes put in SHUSH (Special Housing Units), for complaining about conditions, helping others to file grievances, or just about anything.

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While in the SHUSH, prisoners are not allowed to visit the library or participate in any programs. They are rarely allowed to make outside phone calls. When they are let out of the cell for “recreation,” usually for no more than one hour a day, it is to a small outdoor cage that is typically eight to ten paces wide” (UCLA. Org). Works Cited Authoritarians, Firsthand.