What are the similarities and differences between serial killers and mass murderers? Why does each of these groups present such a potential danger to society? Serial killers are intelligent people but frustrated and angry with something in their life. They would take their anger out by killing people who have similarities with the person they are frustrated with. Mass murderers on the other hand kills group of people at the same time and most of the time at the same place.

Mass murderers motive usually is just to kill so they find location and carry on with their plan. Serial killers and mass murderers have no personal enmity with people they care killing, they are complete strangers, and they become victims to these people because they were told or they are frustrated. These groups are dangerous because they target many innocent people. These victims have nothing to do with these groups but they die for some else’s anger. Mass murders basic mission to kill, they would not care if there are small children in that group.

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Mass murders are easy to manipulate, as they are angry and are finding ways to let this anger go some way, so at hat time if they hear anyone saying they wish to kill someone, these murders would not even care and go ahead and kill. They won’t only kill that person but will kill all those also are with that person. 2. How would a sociologist define deviance? How does the sociological definition of deviance differ from commonly help assumptions? According to sociologist deviance can be a positive or a negative behavior.

Negative deviant behavior can be murders, rape, and many more whereas there are some behaviors that are not totally Viviane like speeding ticket, it is not big crime but this behavior is deviant behavior. According to commonly known deviant behavior or deviance means negative or wrong behavior, it means crime. A child not doing their homework or listening to their parents are considered as deviant behavior as well. Society has taken the meaning of deviance in general a small wrong or big crimes both of them are considered deviance.